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2022年12月に名古屋を訪れた時に買ったお土産の記録です。 春華堂 八丁みそまん…

By tatmius

A Puzzling Puzzle

Christmas present from our daughter, The Tower Bridge in London which we walk across on a Sunday morning every time we are in London. There was a problem with it and it took some time to figure it out, and no, it wasn't…

By robrose

Pet Prints In The Snow

Photo: 'Pet Prints In The Snow' - This is one of those images that needs no words - Copyright 2014 Frank J Casella.…

By fjcasella

Tip #201

Enable "Search Page Selection in Background" to do a search, but check the results later. While reading something on a web page you might come across something you'd like to know more about, but don't want to drop what…

By Vivaldi Tips

Wiederkunft Christi

Das Dritte Testament - Offenbarungen Jesu Christi in Mexiko - Kapitel 55 Reinigung der Erde und der Menschheit im Gericht …

By hosta

Коротко о кино: Человек-бензопила

«Коротко о кино» – слегка затянувшийся эксперимент, в рамках которого я пытался максимально кратко рассказывать о том, что мне понравилось, а что наоборот выбесило. Лимит – 1024 символа, включая знаки препинания и…

By Alex Semёnov

Backyard Improvements - II

A metal raised bed instead of the wooden raised beds we have built in the past. Bought from Amazon. From what I could gather reading the questions, answers and reviews on this and other metal raised beds, this…

By robrose

Tip #200

Follow Tips on Vivaldi Social in just two steps. Do you find our daily tip posts useful, but don't use Feeds and don't have time to check every day? There is another option - follow the blog account on…

By Vivaldi Tips

Ny SSD disk i Qnap TS 212-E NAS

Jeg synes at min gamle Qnap TS 212-E …NAS-server var blevet lidt sløv, så jeg besluttede mig for at prøve at installere en SSD-disk i den.

By nesega

I love/hate Canva

I love it because it makes the graphic production process about a million times faster than it was when I began my career. I hate it because Canva markets itself to businesses so gleefully as a way to not pay creative…

By floresarts