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By A10c

Tip #159

Add custom blocker sources to Vivaldi's Tracker and Ad Blocker. The Tracker and Ad Blocker comes with a large selection of sources that can be enabled to block unwanted content on web pages. You can enable them in the…

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By 小鬼田平乎

Why Should You Choose The Right Shoes When Exercising?

One of the keys to maintaining good health is to exercise regularly. However, wearing the wrong workout clothes while exercising can make your workout performance suffer. Of course, this applies to sports shoes,…

11 hours ago

By outofthebox

New Old Ubuntu!

Lo stile di Ubuntu Unity, nuovo nato "retrospettivo" nella famiglia Ubuntu. Il nostalgismo ha senso? Ha senso, cioè, porsi esteticamente e funzionalmente la questione della validità o meno dell'evoluzione tecnologica?…

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By creativephil

René QUILLIVIC | Tête de jeune fille au bonnet

28 novembre 2022… — Posted in — 1 min read

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By gmalette


the car the car christ look at the car how can they live like that well how can you live with yourself knowing they live like that in the land of milk & honey & taxes & missiles & bombs & greed &…

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By mwschmeer

[news from the network] new broadcasts

I've decided to revive my twitch streams and start a Wire Night Radio podcast every second Tuesday and third Wednesday. I don't know if I will talk much, if at all, but there will be a lot of music, and it will be…

22 hours ago

By nighttribe

A Sample Of My New Work

I've neglected this blog lately.  So to reward those of you who have stuck around, I've decided to give you a glimpse of the novel I am presently writing but have not yet finished.  The title is Datesville: Camping In…

23 hours ago

By daletucker

All the birds

November In the misty light of a November afternoon the planet spins slowly towards another day, leaving the sun's light behind. Colours vanish into the ethereal blue of twilight, there is nothing in sight except the…

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By toomuchrose