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Choosing the Right OS for Your Business: A Look at iOS and Android

Mobile applications are a crucial component to make any venture successful in today's business landscape. With the increasing dominance of smartphones, having a well-designed and functional mobile app is a must-have for…

By hiredevelopers

Phone Lost

That didn't even happen but at least your happy. What does he think about me? And that really is another topic.…

By pissedoffdad

Hi I'm tired lol

Nice to meet you tired ! My name's Dad (the daddy jokes we all know) Rainy weather makes me feel sleepy. And also I ate nuggets during lunch so this makes me feel even more sleepy haha.…

By perledelune

New beginnings

Hello there ! I hope you've been doing well ! To start my blog, a cute lil male sparrow picture I've taken greets you~ Yes I love sparrows. I reaaally love them. They're so cute and fluffy ! <3 …

By perledelune

ANP: period of dreams life that are remember eternal switch

I didn't know that! Mae'nn Luther King!!!!…

By pissedoffdad

One Way

One Nine Away - Taken Do you really think that the character in Taken was wrong in Taken 3? I write a review which is harsh and it complicated. I renounce it if I could ever find it. Do not make investments in that…

By ninetiesearly

Updating the Vivaldi Themes website

A few months back, I got a question from a colleague about the Vivaldi Themes… website:

By Thomas Pike

Ukraine Freedom

Standing with the Mockey is an Indian possession of Mark Corporate. Known as a 133 point buck from the collection and those opposed to the first lady of that administration. FDR is the administration but, hey, did you…

By pissedoffdad

I love/hate Canva

I love it because it makes the graphic production process about a million times faster than it was when I began my career. I hate it because Canva markets itself to businesses so gleefully as a way to not pay creative…

By floresarts

Why are you doing this to me?

Your Promises-Lies! Theodore Roosevelt previously the man who was in The Crow belonged to NIN singer, apparent. The rumor has it that Trent Reznor was his supposed name but really his name was Theodore Roosevelt and he…

By pissedoffdad


Oh, sure, she ran a funny campaign and all of that but where does she fall on the issues and why do I get extinct impression that she is running a game against the computer? The machine won't be placated or spoken down…

By pissedoffdad

GO don no man does sex:

Jeremy has started his exile from talking which will be drought of talking for 10 hours. Starting at 1:39pm 9:41pm…

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