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A bit of history

Did you know that before we started building the Vivaldi browser, the Vivaldi Community was already alive and kicking? In his previous company, Opera, Jon von Tetzchner had built a community site (My Opera) which itself grew to an impressive 35 million monthly visits. When Opera decided to close down My Opera in 2014, the Vivaldi Community was born.

Vivaldi Volunteers

We are grateful to our dedicated community of volunteers who take an active role in helping others. Vivaldi Sopranos, Moderators, Translators and Ambassadors are a group of Vivaldi volunteers who contribute knowledge, advice and encouragement to the Vivaldi Community.

Testimonials from the Vivaldi Community

“The Vivaldi Community seems to be composed of people of good will, and to me that’s the most important thing. These people help and build things specifically for Vivaldi because they want to. People willing to help each other, people who are there because they want to contribute to the success of other users and of the product – that’s the absolute foundation of a community.”

Bruce Hamilton

“After the release of the first stable version, I noticed that the translation for my language – Slovak, was incomplete. Three more stable releases later, the situation had not changed. Eventually, I decided to contact Vivaldi and offered to translate. The next stable version – 1.4 – was translated fully into my language.” 

Matúš Baňas

“The way you access the web, you get used to it, and there was nothing that worked the way old Opera did – before I discovered Vivaldi. I stuck with it and there was a community, and I had lots of questions about tweaks or making it work better. So that’s why I joined up with the community, and Vivaldi has given me back the web.”

Garry Bartsch

“It’s hard to say something to a community that’s already great. I think people are already excited, and everybody is already telling everyone about Vivaldi. The message is – do not accept the status quo. Vivaldi has shown that you can fight for anything. If you’re very unhappy about something and you feel it needs to change, if you feel you are alone – you are not alone.”

Alexander Schmidt

I like to help users solve their problems but I dislike those who are unfriendly and think that a forum is a place to spit their anger about browser bugs and missing features.


Do you need to sign up to the Community to use the browser?

No, you don’t need a Vivaldi.net account in order to use the browser. All you need to do is download it and get started.

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