About Vivaldi Community

Did you know that the Vivaldi Community is older than the Vivaldi browser?

To fill the gap left by the closing of another popular community site, MyOpera, in 2014, Jon von Tetzchner created the Vivaldi Community. As the Community grew, behind the scenes, Vivaldi devs were building the browser, which debuted in 2016. With the browser now available on all desktop operating systems, on Android phones, tablets and even cars, and a version for iOS on the way, the Community keeps growing and thriving alongside the browser.

1.6 million members

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Discuss Vivaldi and more

  • Share feedback.
  • Ask questions and troubleshoot bugs.
  • Vote for feature requests.
  • Chat about your interests and ideas.
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Connect with people

  • Share your thoughts and ideas.
  • Join Mastodon more easily via our Vivaldi Social instance.
  • Connect with people on an open social network.
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Share your custom themes

  • Share your unique browser themes with all Vivaldi users.
  • Add themes made by the community to your own Theme Library.
  • Rate and review themes.
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Publish your thoughts on your own blog

  • Share your ideas, express your opinions or just keep a journal of current events for the world to read.
  • Free and ad-free.
  • Based on WordPress.
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Make use of the free email service*

  • Free and ad free.
  • Private and Encryption friendly.
  • WIth Calendar (CalDAV) and Contacts (CardDAV).
  • Excellent in mail clients with IMAP and POP support.

*Limitations apply. Learn more here.

Securely sync your browser data

  • Sync your browser data on desktop computers, mobile devices and even some cars.
  • Rest assured with end-to-end data encryption.

Community Testimonials

The Vivaldi Community seems to be composed of people of good will, and to me that’s the most important thing. These people help and build things specifically for Vivaldi because they want to. People willing to help each other, people who are there because they want to contribute to the success of other users and of the product – that’s the absolute foundation of a community.

Community member

When I first found Vivaldi I had some questions, so I went to the forum and the friendly users there helped me clarify all of them. To this day I still go back to the forums once in a while not only to find out some more tips and tricks but also to give back a little by answering questions others may have.
I help translate the browser to Portuguese. In return I'm always in the loop about features that are yet to be launched. It's like the more you give to Vivaldi's community, the more you get in return 🙂

Community member

The way you access the web, you get used to it, and there was nothing that worked the way old Opera did – before I discovered Vivaldi. I stuck with it and there was a community, and I had lots of questions about tweaks or making it work better. So that’s why I joined up with the community, and Vivaldi has given me back the web.

Community member

It’s hard to say something to a community that’s already great. I think people are already excited, and everybody is already telling everyone about Vivaldi. The message is – do not accept the status quo. Vivaldi has shown that you can fight for anything. If you’re very unhappy about something and you feel it needs to change, if you feel you are alone – you are not alone.

Community member


Vivaldi wouldn’t be what it is without a dedicated group of volunteers. Anyone passionate about Vivaldi with some spare time can become a Vivaldi volunteer. Send a message to [email protected] to join.


The Sopranos test features in their early stages of development, catch countless bugs before they reach public Vivaldi versions and review user reported issues.


Vivaldi Translators localize the browser, websites and content into more languages than any other browser.


Forum Moderators contribute their in-depth knowledge about Vivaldi to help all Vivaldi users and keep the Forum running smoothly.


The Ambassadors spread the word about Vivaldi worldwide and encourage people to try out Vivaldi.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to create an account to use the browser?

    No, you don’t need a Vivaldi account in order to use the browser. All you need to do is download it and get started.

    Though, if you want to synchronize your browser data across multiple devices, then you will indeed need a Vivaldi account to do so.

  • What personal data do you ask for when creating a Vivaldi account?

    When you create an account, we ask for the following information:

    Birthdate - To prove to authorities that you are older than 16 to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    Email address - For recovery purposes. First, we’ll send the account activation email there. Later the email address is used for username recovery, password reset and other account related emails as well as for important messages, such upcoming maintenance work, changes to the Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Use and to notify you about major updates to Vivaldi.

    Phone number - You’re only required to share your phone number when you plan to use Vivaldi’s email service or blogging platform as a spam prevention measure. There’s no need to share your phone number, if you only plan to use the browser’s Sync feature, share Themes or participate in Forum discussions.

    For more information, take a look at Vivaldi’s Privacy Policy.

  • Where can I find more detailed information about Vivaldi services?

    To learn about the services and how to use them, you can browse the articles on Vivaldi Help. You can also ask for assistance on the Vivaldi Forum.

  • How can I contact you directly?

    If you're having trouble with your account or with using the services, you can send us a message from Vivaldi Help. Find the most relevant help page in the Accounts and Services category. Read through it to see if there's a solution you can apply independently. If there isn't, click the button "Send us a message" below the article, fill out the form and submit it. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

    If you want to discuss ways to contribute and be a more active in the Vivaldi Community, send an email to [email protected].