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A Sample Of My New Work

I've neglected this blog lately.  So to reward those of you who have stuck around, I've decided to give you a glimpse of the novel I am presently writing but have not yet finished.  The title is Datesville: Camping In…

1 day ago

By daletucker

All the birds

November In the misty light of a November afternoon the planet spins slowly towards another day, leaving the sun's light behind. Colours vanish into the ethereal blue of twilight, there is nothing in sight except the…

1 day ago

By toomuchrose

Broken Rhyme's Epitaph

“Here lies a lost poetheart which died for want of rhyme.Though he fought its pull, the lines don’t show it.The addictions he swore off.…

1 day ago

By luke22

Pillar of the past

It should be worthy of praise to consolidate our former great attainments, as long as it does not make draining inroads into the soul life and make us sinister. If we wish to stay on the heights we have reached, we must…

2 days ago

By Cezar

Alcune Ossessioni Fanta-Letterarie

La letteratura, letteralmente, o letterariamente, mi ossessiona ponendomi delle domande specifiche, che suonano circa così: Come può la letteratura veicolare un messaggio utile nella realtà, pur creando un mondo…

3 days ago

By creativephil

A Saffron Solitude

An earlier post was deleted in order to make way for this one. Somehow the earlier one did not do justice to my evolving thoughts. Or did it ? …

3 days ago

By Lopamudra Bandyopadhyay-Chattopadhyay

Photo de classe | Année?

Photo que j'ai gardée, sûrement venant du groupe, je lis difficilement "classe enfants - novembre 1953/55?" , je ne sais si c'est l'école du Diable ou du Doux Jésus, j'ai recadré la photo et mise dans le blog pour avoir…

3 days ago

By gmalette

The Last Encounter

As you walk through the desert, encountering other people becomes scarce. It is less and less interesting to walk the path, the others seem to trigger less and less an emotion in your soul. The encounters begin to be…

5 days ago

By Cezar


... s.n. imigrante das fronteiras ilusórias da linguística e literatura...…

1 week ago

By literolinguista

Tool Series #2 — Multi-Tool, Part 4

  We’ve been discussing the so called Writing Multi-tool in this Tool Series.  Basically, the idea is to develop several writing strategies with which you can switch back and forth smoothly when writing scenes.  I use…

1 week ago

By daletucker