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Vivaldi arrives on SPARQ OS, delivering superior experiences to users behind the wheel

P3, leading provider of in-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems based on Android Automotive, announces that it has integrated the latest version of Vivaldi into its flagship SPARQ OS.

Connect, empower, and celebrate.

To celebrate the women forging innovation in technology, this Women’s Day, here are three talented women building the best browser on Android who want you to access information in better ways.

Vivaldi Browser coming to Volkswagen Group Cars

At the Mobile World Congress 2023, CARIAD launched an application store for the Volkswagen Group, and the Vivaldi browser – the first full-featured browser for cars – is going along for the ride.

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Spring Storm Clouds At Sunset

Patches of blue sky peek between the springtime storm clouds illuminated by the evening sun in Midwest America - Photo: 'Spring Storm Clouds At Sunset' Copyright 2021 Frank J Casella.…

5 days ago

By fjcasella

Completing WaniKani Level 60

WaniKani is a kanji learning web application and community that I began using years ago. I have recently completed the final stage, and it's time for me to reflect on what I've learned.…

1 week ago

By lonm

Why use Vivaldi?

We were in front of the screen, in my office. Just trying to fix something; I can't remember exactly. Internet site stuff, anyway. At one point the colleague tells me something like open Chrome, let's see… and I say no,…

2 weeks ago

By mcastel


User story: Why accessibility-minded Kazuhito Kidachi chooses Vivaldi

With a deep knowledge of browser specifications and accessibility, Kazuhito Kidachi shares his experience using Vivaldi and what stands out for him.

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