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New to the fediverse and Mastodon? Get onboard with Ruari.

In this handy tutorial video, Ruari demystifies the Fediverse and gets you up to speed on Vivaldi Social and Mastodon.

Happy Vivaldi Day!

Dedicated to building better browsers and services for everyone, we mark 8 years of Vivaldi today.

#behindVivaldibrowser with Akira Hojo

In the latest of our series of sneak peeks at the terrific people who bring you Vivaldi, we meet Akira, our creative graphic designer.

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Birds of a Feather Really Do Flock Together

I like to do the grocery shopping early in the morning, especially during the three months when the 'Winter Texans" have their annual Rio Grand Valley migration and our local HEB grocery store becomes packed by mid…

3 days ago

By robrose

A truly space beagle

The Artemis I… mission was, as we know, a complete success, and is destined to represent a clear turning point, to symbolically open (because in fact is already underway) the new race towards the Moon.

2 weeks ago

By mcastel

A New Monarch Appears

A few days ago Linda noticed a green chrysalis on the side of our chiminea. Today when she checked it, the butterfly had already emerged.…

2 weeks ago

By robrose


With 3000 and more Vivaldi Themes, there’s never a dull moment.

Vivaldi Themes just crossed another significant milestone, and we can’t stop shouting about it. Read on to learn more, and share your themes on Vivaldi Social, our Mastodon instance.

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