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Smoked Pork Loin - Part 2

In the smoker and ready to go. We put the temperature probes into the thickest part of the meat.…

By robrose

Smoked Pork Loin - Part 1

Our smoker is a Mak One-Star General which is just the right size for the items we like to smoke. The fuel is hardwood wood pellets produced especially for smoking foods. While pellets can come from different varieties…

By robrose

Pyrizhky (small pies with filling): step by step recipe

Okay, as I promised, here is the recipe for the pyrizhky. There are 3 stages of making the pyrizhky: dough, filling and making of pyrizhky. Since pyrizhky are small pies, so I'll call them just pies :)…

By Kurai

Flatbread Cornbread

She said she added everything exactly as she always does. Whatever happened it didn't affect the taste as it was as good as always. Somedays are like that.…

By robrose

Dinner for one

I watch this on new year's eve, probably drunk. Rest in peace actors in it.…

By ipristy

It Looked So Nice On the Store Shelf

Recently we have taken to grilling marinated chicken thighs on our Weber grill. These boneless, skinless thighs sure looked great when saw on the shelf in the meat department at our local HEB store.…

By robrose

Fat Thursday

It’s a damp and chilly morning as I head off to my local branch of Warsaw’s excellent Cieślikowski bakery chain to pick up as many of their delicious pączki as I can lay my hands on. I am expecting a queue so I have a…

By travellinbob

2/14の反古紙 #ビバ丼

Vivaldi Social…の#ビバ丼のタグにて自作料理画像等をトゥート(投稿)しているのですが、投稿は数日で消える設定にしています。

By agepon

Grilled Salmon and the Trimmings

Planked chilpolte and lime salmon so fresh of the grill the plank is still glowing. Glazed asparagus, stuffed mushrooms and sliced small cucumbers and sweet peppers. I think her artistic side came out today. We may…

By robrose

Hilfe zur Ausleitung von Giften aus dem Körper

Covid GenTherapie, Ausbau der 5G_6G Mobilfunkstrahlung und Lösungsansätze A.M. Hosta - 1.2.2023…

By hosta

Ukraine Freedom

Standing with the Mockey is an Indian possession of Mark Corporate. Known as a 133 point buck from the collection and those opposed to the first lady of that administration. FDR is the administration but, hey, did you…

By pissedoffdad


2022年12月に名古屋を訪れた時に買ったお土産の記録です。 春華堂 八丁みそまん…

By tatmius