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خرید و قیمت راه اندازی خط تولید چیپس (موارد مهم)

خط تولید چیپس یکی از بهترین زمینه های سرمایه گذاری و راه اندازی کسب و کار تولیدی پر سود و پر درآمد. با خرید و راه اندازی خط تولید چیپس سیب زمینی شما می توانید به درآمد بسیار بالایی دست پیدا کنید. این خط در ایران و جهان…

By arianzagrosmachine

Cinnamon on the baguette

Cinnamon, Honey and French toast フレンチトーストが焼けたら…

By fennelthyme

Nutmeg and Minced meat

Minced Meat , onion and nutmeg 挽肉とタマネギのみじん切りにnutmegとrosemary…

By fennelthyme


Aglioolio(ニンニクとオリーブオイルのソース) ペペロンチーノの正式名称がとても長いということを、…

By fennelthyme

E! Entertainment's anti-feminist brainwashing is no longer available in Britain. :)

So hey everyone! :) I won a big victory recently, because I got the E! TV channel taken off the air in Britain. The E! channel (which mostly focuses on so-called "reality TV" shows, that are not actually very real at…

By victoriareign

Making Friends

Do you remember the good old days of Pen pal? How easy is it to make friends of like minds these days?

By survivormoc2

Loot mangas et Blu-rays de Noël !

Bonjour ! Cette année, on va dire que le Père Noël aura été généreux (bon, en vrai, j’ai attendu ce jour pour dévoiler le contenu de ces différents loots, mais ne cassons pas la « magie de Noël »… ou de Nawel, je sais…

By Trit’

Sampling a Different Tea

I order my teas from Upton Tea and one of the things they do to get you to try different teas is to give you a choice of one of four different teas in a free small sample size with each order. I'd never tried a…

By robrose

Went to see The Marvels. It's awesome!!!! (And talk about food!)

So like, what has Goda been doing? After all, I am the Creatress of everything… so someone's gotta be interested, right? :) Let's see. So I went to see The Marvels at the movie theater four times so far. At two…

By victoriareign

What you eat could be key to improving your mental health, scientists say – CBC News [2023-09-23]

Maintaining good mental health can sometimes feel challenging, but it turns out one piece of the puzzle is deceptively simple — what’s on your plate. “Nutrition and mental health is this connection that people have…

By canadianguy

Still celebrating Lesbian Laser Fest!!!! :P (It's Lesbian Laser Fest until the morning of 2nd November)

I guess this post is mostly like an extended introduction to me and my values, and the things I care about, and what's going on with me at the moment. But there's more about Lesbian Laser Fest towards the end of the…

By victoriareign

inch resting 📏💤

i am now a proud blogger 🎉 government house somewhere in north carolina i dont remember…

By macimas