Friday Poll: which productivity tool do you use?

We’d like to hear about the tools you use that help you be more productive and efficient in your work and life. 👨‍💻

We asked our volunteers and our team this week which tools they use the most and came up with the following list. We know it’s not an exhaustive and the perfect list and that’s why we want to hear from you. It contains 16 different categories displayed over three pages. 😇

Please vote for your favorite tools that make you productive here? 👇

Also feel free to share more productive tools that you enjoy using the most in the comments below. 🤗

Update: We’ve shared the result of this poll here: 🙂

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10 replies on “Friday Poll: which productivity tool do you use?”

  1. Some other Apps I use and suggest:

    [Windows only]

    Clipboard: Clip-X | Light and powerful
    File Manager: Q-Dir | Powerful and also at

    1. Thanks for your comment. We didn’t include them at this stage, cause M2 is not supported anymore and M3 is not available yet. We’ll make another dedicated poll once M3 is out. 😉

  2. I also use TiddlyWiki to record notes, organize thoughts, and compose content for my blog. It’s a nice because it’s all HTML and does not rely on a particular application or operating system. Any modern web browser will work with TiddlyWiki files. You don’t even need to be online to use it, either.

    1. Nice to hear about TiddlyWiki, I’ll definitely have a look at it. 😇

  3. It might be worth distinguishing between platforms with a questionnaire like this. For instance, K9Mail for mail and Ghost Commander for files on Android, but Thunderbird/Evolution for mail and Thunar/Dolphin/Caja/Nemo depending on desktop, for files on PC.

    Also – many of the utilities are built in to your desktop environment. I know KDE and XFCE certainly have screenshot and clipboard-manager tools built-in. I think the XFCE one is just called “screenshot”.

    I’d also add – don’t underestimate the “old fashioned” way. I’ve yet to come across anything better than a pen and paper for note-taking, and anything better than an A3 sheet of paper, pen and highlighter-pens/stickers for project management where you’re only managing yourself or a local (office) team. In fact, I’ve even used it effectively for small remote teams too.

    1. Thanks your comment and input. I’m also a big fan of pen and paper. Sometimes I just struggle transferring the paper digitally particularly when I forgot my notebook on my desk at work and need my notes when working from home. 🙈
      However since we’re working mostly from home these days again, it’s not happening too often. 😇

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