Friday Poll – How did you find your current mobile browser?

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Thank God it’s Friday! And we’d like to hear from you (again!) 🙂

How did you find your mobile browser? 🤔
Participate in Vivaldi’s Friday poll below and let us know if you have more to say.

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18 replies on “Friday Poll – How did you find your current mobile browser?”

  1. I guess Safari counts as preinstalled, though it’s really a special case. I feel like very few on iOS bother changing browsers (even though it’s possible now, at last).

    1. Thanks for sharing, I guess I’m totally not representative but I do use Firefox as my default browser on iOS. 😇

    1. Sorry for this mistake. Could it fall under “From reading an article” for this time maybe? 😇
      Comment duly noted for next time!

      1. Since as a Soprano my Vivaldi was actually before it was announced publicly … I had to go with “Other”.

  2. I was using Viv on my Android but I just switched to iOS and was sad to see that it’s not there (yet?) so I’m using Brave, my 2nd fave. Looking forward to some Vivaldi awesomeness on iOS in the future….

    1. We hear you, we also would love to have it there. Help us spread the word, the more users we have, the faster iOS will be implemented. 🙂

  3. As Gwen, my mobile browser was announced on these pages…
    I did vote it as “word of mouth”… ? 😜

  4. I don’t use the internet on my phone, but a tab does count as “mobile”, therefore I also fit the “other” category, in that I searched F-Droid and free (libre) software forums to get a non-spyware FLOSS browser and/or compile one myself. I settled on GNU Icecat, as it’s packaged in F-Droid. Then Vivaldi mobile was launched, which I use as a secondary browser or when I’m in a rush (Icecat is pretty sluggish to start-up when it’s bogged-down with privacy-extension after privacy-extension, and V loads in an instant).

  5. I was looking for a browser with text wrapping and “Cycle in Recently Used Order” tab cycling.

  6. I hardly browse on my phone but if I do, I use FF.
    I have an iPhone and would dearly love Vivaldi to implement and develop the iOS Vivaldi browser. It would surely be my default iOS mobile/iPad browser too!!!:-) 

  7. Used Vivaldi on desktop and sure enough they had just developed a mobile app!

  8. Well, i’m a Vivaldian, so of course i learned about it yonks ago in the V Forum, thence grabbed its Snapshot in the Play Store as soon as available. For its early versions it was still too raw & bare, so i continued vacillating back & forward between it & my other mobile browsers [Firefox & Sleipnir]. That’s all over now, many months ago V Mobile became clearly better than them, so they’re gone gone gone.

  9. Read about it here on the Vivaldi site.
    I have no mobile phone, but I do have an Android based tablet on which I get the APK (Stable) from the Vivaldi Downloads site and RSS to notify me of updates.
    A great improvement over the default.

  10. I watched a youtube video and the teky guy was showing how to do something amazing on the laptopa and androide, he opened his brower: VIVALDI, he used VIVALDI, so I was like, aha!!! I want to use that one, I hate Google so here is the answer to my prayers, and I downloaded. since then I am very happy with VIVALDI.

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