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Post life nothingness, paradise, reincarnation or something else?

Post life nothingness, paradise, reincarnation or something else?…

By vectorwhiz

Idiots in charge everywhere

Idiots in charge everywhere…

By vectorwhiz

Sandra and Paul in Paris

Sandra and Paul in Paris…

By vectorwhiz

God and Jesus and the novice guardian angel

God and Jesus and the novice guardian angel

By vectorwhiz

God meets with Satan

God meets with Satan…

By vectorwhiz


겁나킹받음,,, ㅇㅏ니 브라우저에 왜 블로그만드는 기능이 있냐고... 와중에 위에 이상하게 떠있는거진짜 무야호…

By yumiru8979


I am starting with meso because there is a lot of options and a good place to start with. Can't wait until it gets here.…

By zevtyler

Hello to you :)

Welcome to your new Blog! We're really excited to see what you do with it. This private post is here to show you what your posts will look like and to give you a few tips on getting started. Feel free to edit it, delete…

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Hello World!


By hirm

The Ultimate Guide To Your Custom Vape Boxes

In the ever-evolving world of vaping, vape boxes… have emerged as a vital component in the development of stunning brand identity and in the improvement of the entire vaping experience for manufacturers as well as for…

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血餅の分離物、或いは血液のホイッピング抽出物としてのフィブリンの性質/血液のフィブリン/フィブリン性微小発酵体/フィブリンと過酸化水素水/フィブリンの発酵素 ゲイ-リュサックGuy=LussacとテナールThenardが、アルブメン・カゼイン・ゼラチンでの分析手法を転用してフィブリン解析に着手した。テナールはフィブリンを動物質の分離物と述べた。一方のシェヴルールChevreulは、フィブリンは動物の近成分proximate…

By mitnak


"知性の最大の障壁は、事物への願望を故に信じることである" -ルイ・パスツール アリスタルコスの時代と同じ段階に囚われた人間の知性が、地動説と同様に生物の微小発酵体理論へ何故反発するのか、現代人の知性に浸透した偏見の何たるかを知る必要がある。…

By mitnak