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Tunisia - Faith and Family

October 28, 2022 In the city of Kairouan visiting the Great Mosque and attending a home hosted meal. Mosques are as prevalent in Tunisia as Baptist Churches are in the southern US.…

By robrose

Tunisia - Cats and Ruins

October 27, 2022 Trying to post the missing days. Linda's expression says how she was feeling today, but look what was waiting patiently behind her.…

By robrose

Tunisia - Our Travel Plans Have Changed

November 2, 2022 There was a reason for the interruption in posts, the pandemic had finally caught up with us. After isolating for three days, we finally tested negative and mutually decided to forgo the remainder of…

By robrose


Le Nomade d'Antibes…

By Cezar


By Cezar

Tunisia - Out from the Sahara

October 25, 2022 Only one night in the Sahara, then two nights without the internet. Sahara sunrise images.…

By robrose

Tunisia - Toward the Sahara

October 24, 2022 Have fallen way behind in posting due to no internet for several nights, the app I use to write and post needs to be connected to the internet to work, then too much going on so no time to work on…

By robrose

Tunisia - Tataouine Area Day Trip

Ocotber 23, 2022 A day trip to the desert area just north of the Sahara where it hasn't rained for the last five years. Yep, that is where we are going.…

By robrose

Shadows and Trees Landscape

Photo: 'Shadow and Trees Landscape' - Copyright 2018 Frank J Casella…

By fjcasella

Tunisia - Tunis to Djerba

October 22, 2022 Early morning flight so another long day that included a stop at an interesting pottery. The bus ride from the gate to the plane took 30 seconds. Enough said.…

By robrose