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Why do web pages not stop loading?

You click on a link and it opens up a new tab. So it starts loading, and the screen stays white while it drinks the 60MB of CSS. And then it gets done with that, and you start seeing content poof into being. Except, it…

By terepashi

Why I Switched to Obsidian and How You Can Too Part -1

What is Obsidian? Why I use it ? When  exploring Wikipedia ,you start with one article and then follow the links to other related topics. Each article has outgoing and incoming links that create a web of knowledge. Now…

By drdextrose

Growing up and looking back.

It's crazy to see how much things change I was 15 or 16 when Vivaldi was in private beta; I was very excited when I got my invite, especially with all the press about it! Growing up, I remember my eldest sibling using…

By glowingfirefly

Social Media Sales Truths

Photo: 'Morning Lit Magnolia' - Copyright 2015 Frank J Casella…

By fjcasella

6 Reasons You Shouldn't Blindly Trust Artificial Intelligence - Make Use Of [May 13, 2023]

AI is transforming the world as we know it, with its impact felt across every industry. However, not all of these changes are necessarily positive. While AI offers exciting new opportunities in many areas, we cannot…

By canadianguy

Стоп-кадр. Vivaldi на конференції Google I/O

Під час конференції Google I/O… організатор заходу анонсував, що браузер Vivaldi незабаром буде доступний на 200 мільйонах автомобілів з бортовими розважальними системами на базі Android Automotive.

By Kurai

Стоп-кадр. Vivaldi на конференции Google I/O

Во время проведения конференции Google I/O… организатор мероприятия заявил, что браузер Vivaldi скоро будет доступен на 200 миллионах автомобилей с бортовыми развлекательными системами на базе Android Automotive.

By Kurai

Age Verification and Adult Websites

The issue of age verification for accessing adult content on websites has been a topic of debate for some time now. Recently, the state of Utah passed a law requiring that anyone visiting an adult website in Utah be…

By gt500

ASUS Product Quality, Destroyed CPU's, Etc.

After watching the JayzTwoCents video on ASUS product quality issues where Jay states that he doesn't want ASUS as a sponsor anymore, I decided to record a video where I talk about this a bit myself. The video is a…

By gt500

Regulamin publikacji wytworów w internecie

Niniejszy regulamin określa zasady publikacji i korzystania z wytworów w internecie.Wytwór to każdy materiał, treść lub utwór, który jest dostępny dla odbiorców w sieci.Nadawca to osoba prawna lub fizyczna, która…

By ryszard


Everyone who has set out to improve their health and fitness knows that consistency is key. Most would even ACKNOWLEDGE at the outset that they ‘hope’ to be consistent.…

By vildev

My love for Vivaldi Browser

I've been using Vivaldi web browser since I came across it late 2016. I was skeptical at first since I was a long time Firefox user. However once I got started, Vivaldi won me over. It was safe, secure, compatible with…

By tetsuosumo