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Tips For Choosing Clothes That Are Suitable For Exercise

Why You Should Choose The Right Clothes When You Work Out? Choosing the right clothes when exercising is very important. This is because choosing the right workout clothes is the key to exercising comfortably. You have…

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Ce matin a l'hippodrome

Épreuve de qualification à l'hippodrome de Marcq en Baroeuil

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The Office

Photo: The Office - Black and White Photograph Copyright 2010 Frank J Casella - Two men have a business meeting in a golf cart under a tree at in Midwest America. In this time of work at home, some things like this have…

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Wearing The Right Sportswear Can Improve Overall Performance And Recovery

Over the last few years, sportswear has become more and more popular. Someone wears sportswear almost everywhere because professional athletes endorse and use top brands.…

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The lake on the moor

Click on the image to read a narration from the fishing trip. During the coldest and darkest time of year, it is nice to review the fun things you did last summer. The days are slowly getting longer but there is still a…

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Snow Under the Wetlands Bridge

A mild winter day at the Homewood Izaak Walton Preserve in Illinois. Snow Under the Wetlands Bridge - Photograph Copyright 2020 Frank J Casella. Picture made with the Pentax K10D and 35mm f/2.4 (Plastic Wonder).…

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Bold Colors Down The Trail

Photo: Bold Colors Down The Trail - Reds, Brown, Golds, and Greens highlight the Fall colored trees against the bright blue sky at Homewood Izaak Walton Preserve in Illinois. I especially like the shadow play on the…

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Sports Half-Time

Sports Half-Time - A man reads a newspaper on the bleachers during half-time at a youth basketball game - Copyright 2019 Frank J Casella…

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Human Beings

Surfers on Asilomar State Beach, 30 July 2021 Human Beings…

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Imatra's Ball Brothers in Quarantine

The quarantine of Imatra's Ball Brothers ends on July 14, 2021. The whole team has been tested and the results have been negative, meaning there have been no further infections on the team. …

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Workout playlist / Плейлист для тренувань / Плейлист для тренировки

Hi guys! Please advise rhythmic music for my workout playlist. Style and year do not matter. The main thing is rhythm! Something like this ⤵:…

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Les meilleurs spots pour rider en France

Le Skatepard de Lyon - Gerland Adresse : 24 Allée Pierre de CoubertinLYON (7ème Arrondissement) - 69007France …

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