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Making Friends

Do you remember the good old days of Pen pal? How easy is it to make friends of like minds these days?

By survivormoc2

Old Light, New Light.

The old year passes with the setting of the sun, the new year comes with the rising of the moon. We all turn together as the Earth spins around our star, half in darkness, half in light, for some the day, for some the…

By toomuchrose


Wintery snow-covered graveyard…

By Cezar

SONY Cybershot DSC HX90V - overførsel af billeder

For at kunne overføre billeder trådløst fra et SONY Cybershot DSC HX90V til din telefon, skal du installere SONYs app Imaging Edge Mobile på telefonen, og skabe forbindelse til kameraets WiFi. …

By nesega

SONY DCS HX90S - vælg format for video

Hvis du skal skifte filformat for videooptagelse fra ACVDH til MP4 skal du: Tryk på Menu…

By nesega

Um Diário (nada) Pessoal

Nesse diário terá fragmentos da minha vida, nada muito difícil, mas será de coração, todos com quem ja tirei foto, e todas as minhas fotos estarão aqui...

By gmrsvoiage

Where is everybody?!

Christmas time in central Baia Mare.…

By Cezar

Glædelig Jul

23. dec. 2023 - Udsigt over Løgstør med Lanternen, boldbanerne og Livø i det fjerne.…

By nesega


Yesterday we had a winter storm with lightning and thunders, which is rare in this area and is always seen as a bad sign by the ancestral collective wisdom. Over the existing snow we've got graupel, a kind of small hail…

By Cezar

Pimeää ja kylmää

Talvi Suomessa on pimeä ja kylmä. Runsasta lumisadetta taas luvassa. Lisää kylmempää ilmaa tulossa Tammikuusta alkaen. …

By annemai61