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My love for Vivaldi Browser

I've been using Vivaldi web browser since I came across it late 2016. I was skeptical at first since I was a long time Firefox user. However once I got started, Vivaldi won me over. It was safe, secure, compatible with…

By tetsuosumo


ジブリ映画の『天空の城ラピュタ』で、追い詰められたシータがムスカに向かっていうセリフに、”土から離れては生きていけない” というのがある。 それを言ったシータの凛とした声色が低学年であったわたしに響いた。多分その内容について当時のわたしは深く思ってはいなかったはず。…

By ye743

Il Nostro lavoro e le Nostre competenze, indipendentemente dal web, imprescindibilmente (dal visual).

Ciao sono un Merchandiser Massimo Giancani. Il Mio Nome, è scritto negli albo dei merchandiser, ovvero trader, ovvero e-shopper. Provengo da un percorso sia Artistico (non necessariamente collegato all'attività, Mia ex…

By montry12


This post is purely for testing purposes and i cannot be bothered adding anything to it lmfao

By Lunu

Bird Cottage

Photo: 'Bird Cottage' A small house in the country, for birds. We have much to learn from birds of nature about solitude - Copyright 2013 Frank J Casella.…

By fjcasella

De prueba y error

Imagen por StockSnap desde Pixabay. …

By depruebayerror

April 2023

I don't have so much to say this Issue. Lots going on though and I'm sure I will process the information well enough for next Month's Issue. I am working on the concept of another Blog, which I will probably link up…

By PompPress

Upload Schedule | 4/28/2023 ~

Monday - Hogwarts Legacy let's play 8:00AM CST Tuesday - Subiecraft SMP Livestream (Times will vary:)…

By enadasa


Today It is strange how Rush didn't want to go to jail so he didn't. You remember him crying like a boy and begging his people that he did not want to go to jail? I remember thinking how dumb it was he would beg for…

By ninetiesearly

Good motherfuckin' tunes 🎶😆

I've made a short playlist of songs that feature the prominent and frequent use of "motherfuck" and its variants (e.g., motherfucker, motherfucking) because that tickles me 😆…

By mikol

Кадровые перестановки в команде Solus: куда делся DataDrake?

Команда Solus объединилась с разработчиками SerpenterOS. Многие члены команды, когда-то покинувшие проект, вернулись в родную гавань, но кое-кого преданные фанаты дистрибутива всё-таки не досчитались. И самая весомая…

By Alex Semёnov