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Electric Guitar Orchestra

Sinfonity - Johann Sebastian Bach - Toccata & Fugue…

By Cezar

Another One for Dad...

...if you can hear me…

By Lopamudra Kalipada Bandyopadhyay-Chattopadhyay

The Interstellar Radio Station

Listen to the Interstellar Radio Station When your Concentrating on Your Work or When Sleeping…

By deneban

For Dad : Eighteen Yellow Roses by Bobby Darin

This one is for this December 19 and all other December 19s. …

By Lopamudra Kalipada Bandyopadhyay-Chattopadhyay

The Cold Song

What power art thou, from King Arthur (1691) by Henry Purcell, performed by Neil Balfour.…

By Cezar

Vivaldi – RV 419

Antonio Vivaldi – Cello Concerto in A Minor, RV 419…

By Cezar

LE PLAT PAYS (Jacques Brel) interprétée par MIRTHE, Live -studio 2023, France 22

- "Le plat pays" de Jacques Brel n'est plus à présenter, mais elle est encore et toujours à écouter et à chanter ! Alors je vous propose ici l'interprétation de Mirthe s'accompagnant à la guitare folk acoustique.…

By remyverneuil

Les Yeux Noirs Performed by Pomplamoose

Les Yeux Noirs… (Dark Eyes) by Django Reinhardt performed by Pomplamoose featuring The Vignes Rooftop Revival

By daletucker

Zoë Conway and John McIntyre - I Will Find Solace

Zoë Conway and John Mc Intyre - Faoiseamh a Gheobhadsa (I Will Find Solace) Zoë's and John's website: …

By daletucker

And Speaking of Angels . . .

I had to post this just because the children featured in it are so precious.  Let us remember that our children are God's most precious creation and gift to humankind.…

By daletucker

A Meditation

The Door of Repentance Open Unto Me… Sung by Moscow Sretensky Monastery Choir

By daletucker

An Evening Prayer

Kyrie Eleison… (a prayer for mercy) sung by Anastasia Gladilina with the Chorus of the Sretensky Monastery - Russian Orthodox Church.

By daletucker