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Led Zeppelin

Primeira foto oficial em 1968

By sauim

Tartini - Violin Sonata B.g10

Giuseppe Tartini - Violin Sonata in G minor, B.g10 "Didone abbandonata", Presto non troppo…

By Cezar

Goda's address to the Russians and Chinese or something. Also, blog post!

So like what is there to say? I totally want to say something on my blog, so I'm just going to write whatever things I feel I want to say at the moment. Umm. So in case everyone in the world is reading my blog right…

By victoriareign


数あるエンターテイメント作品、例えば本や映画にドラマ、そして音楽などを家庭において娯しむ場合、家族や親しい友人間で貸し借りすることは当たり前だった。媒体として、本は紙であり、映画やドラマは1970年代から2000年初頭にかけてはVHSテープ、音楽はCDで、その前はカセットテープだ。それらを購入したりレンタルし、貸し借りするのだ。 1985年に生まれた私の時代には、各家庭にTVは普及し、VHSテープを再生及び録画する機器も多く普及していた…

By flzr

Tre Cover di Sherlock Holmes (Sparks)

La canzone la adoro. Letteralmente.…

By palmbeach

Softly Wandering Leaves & Too Cold To Know

Fabric Salad presents two new single releases: Softly Wandering Leaves was released November 9, 2023 and Too Cold To Know was released January 30, 2023. They are available on all major streaming services.…

By chrispizzi

Beginning a new week with Strauss

The Blue Danube, one of my favorite compositions :)…

By Lopamudra Kalipada Bandyopadhyay-Chattopadhyay

Andrea & Matteo Bocelli

Andrea & Matteo Bocelli - Time to Say Goodbye, produced by Hans Zimmer.…

By Cezar

Jemma Gwynne Griffiths

They, performed by Jem (Jemma Gwynne Griffiths).…

By Cezar

La Bruja

La Bruja (The Witch) - Mexican Traditional Music…

By Cezar

Mesélek a bornak

4S Street (Négyes Street), a less known indie-rock Romanian band, based in Gheorgheni (Gyergyószentmiklós), Harghita County, singing in the Hungarian language the song Mesélek a bornak (I tell to the wine). The band was…

By Cezar

Shopper’s Paradise

When being served in a shop I can't stand being marginalised while the person serving holds a conversation over you with another member of staff, or worse, their friends who just happen to have popped by to hang around.…

By garykw