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I Gave £400 to Women's Rights.

tags: Maiara Walsh, Ms Victoria Olivia Rooth, President Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, only using the USA's mass surveillance apparatus to surveil every single person in the USA's job earnings in relation to everyone…

By victoriareign

Writer's Log No. 5 — A Decent Man

  I knew a man once, many years ago, who was a decent man.  He was married to my grandmother.  He was not my biological grandfather, however, because my grandfather had died at the dawn of the 1940s, before I was born. …

By daletucker

Summary log of the day

Here it comes: Weather: The day started with clear skies and mild temperatures, but by midday, clouds rolled in, bringing scattered showers in the afternoon.…

By Robert Trance

The dogs' dinner song to humans

A little something I wrote this morning, after seeing a dog meme online:…

By Robert Trance


主谓一致,顾名思义,指一个句子的主语和谓语在人称和数上保持一致。人称上的一致很简单,我是用I am,你是用You are, 他是用He is. 数上的一致,一般规则为主语是单数,谓语也用单数。主语是复数,谓语也用复数。比如他是用He is, 他们是用They are.但用连词连接并列的两个主语时,用法纷繁复杂,用两张思维导图列举如下,自己结合例句理解。…

By purement

Another universal terminology "Never"

另一个万用贴单词"Never" 今天发现了英语中另一个万能贴Never=从不…

By purement

The Brothers Comatose & AJ Lee - "Angel Band"

This hymn is for Annie who had hands soft as flour and for all of her clan who loved her dearly.…

By daletucker

Making Friends

Do you remember the good old days of Pen pal? How easy is it to make friends of like minds these days?

By survivormoc2

Brief intro on Xinjiang

Xinjiang was devided into South Xinjiang & North Xinjiang by Tianshan Mountain. It's not cold in Winter and not hot in Summer in Sounth Xinjiang, but there are too much mosquitoes. I am from North Xinjiang. It's…

By purement


昨晚我女儿说每个学生都有预感的能力,比如说上课时,老师说,下面我要请某位同学来回答这个问题... 然后每个人都会预感,A,该不会是我吧,结果果然是。我女儿说昨天上课感觉到后排学生的桌子要倒,结果果然倒了。OH, 像<Vampire Descendant>里的Hope一样,Hope是三类Meta Human的混血,Vampire; Witch和Lycan. 大约预知这件事是伴随着人类进化而来,有些人SIXTH…

By purement


钢琴曲-《所念皆星河》 钢琴曲-《所念皆星河》,翻译成英文时费了点劲。首先要了解这句是什么内涵。所念皆星河实际是半句爱情诗,原文是:所念皆星河,星河只有你。那么归纳下,诗句可以总结为:所有的一切都是你,那么翻译过来就是:All about you;但好像还有点俗套,换成文绉绉一些就是:所有的一切都是关于星河,翻译过来就是:All about galaxy…

By purement