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Hi! My name is Angel Contreras and I'm from Venezuela.

I’ve been using Vivaldi since 2020 on Windows, Linux and Android.

My top 5 Vivaldi features are:

  • Tab Stacking
  • Mail
  • Notes
  • Tab Tiling
  • Themes Editor

What I love about Vivaldi Community is how it reminds me of the old days of the internet, with all those dedicated forums and unique people. Thanks to Vivaldi, we have again a lovely community.

Interesting fact about me: GTA San Andreas is my favorite video game.

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Tip #396

In Vivaldi on iOS, swipe down from the top of the web page to reload or close the tab, or to open a new tab.

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The new Vivaldi 6.4 for Android version brings improvements to the browser and includes the ability to share links directly to the Vivaldi Reading List from any third-party app.

How Vivaldi Mail & Calendar made Robert change his default browser on Linux.

Robert first heard about Vivaldi while looking for a Mail and Calendar app for Linux. But he made it his default browser for so much more!

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I am watching for some time the behavior of Mr. Musk, the owner of X.com (or Twitter). Watching can be useful especially when one wants to learn something from what one sees. And his recent involvement in the discussion…

6 days ago

By Cezar

My Silly Project

All over the Internet are people who spew their opinions and pretend that they are actual facts. And many of the same people review or "react" to pop culture is that is almost as old as I am. …

7 days ago

By mylesryden

Going Old School

Our lives seem to have radically changed with the advent of the smartphone. Personally speaking, I liked the dumb phone (the one with the typing keypad) much better. I still have one which I would love to carry with me…

1 week ago

By Lopamudra Bandyopadhyay-Chattopadhyay

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