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Hi! My name is nomadic and I’m from New Mexico, USA (or as everyone says, "That place where the TV show 'Breaking Bad' took place").

I’ve been using Vivaldi since 2019 on Windows and Android.

My top 5 Vivaldi features are:

  • Custom UI Modifications
  • Configurable Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Menu Customization
  • Toolbar Customization
  • Sharable Themes with Icon Sets

What I love about Vivaldi Community is that the Vivaldi Community is great at helping new users configure and customize the browser to fit their needs. Even when all it takes is pointing out one of Vivaldi’s numerous great features!

Interesting fact about me: People use the idiom, “this isn’t my first rodeo,” but I have technically been in two rodeos, so I can say, “this isn’t my second rodeo”. 🤠

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Renault’s new electric car, the Renault is its latest vehicles to have Vivaldi in it. Additionally, Renault Megane E-Tech Electric and Renault Austral also feature our browser in their OpenR Link multimedia system.

Beyond the code and behind the Vivaldi browser with our iOS Developer, Priyonto

In the latest edition of our behind-the-scenes series, Priyonto M Rahman gives us a glimpse into his workflow as an iOS Developer, and the role cricket and football play while he codes.

How Vivaldi Mail & Calendar made Robert change his default browser on Linux.

Robert first heard about Vivaldi while looking for a Mail and Calendar app for Linux. But he made it his default browser for so much more!

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Embarking on a train journey from Chicago to Reno offers a magical tapestry of experiences, from the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains to dining in elegance amidst the rolling plains of Utah. As a Navy graduate…

2 days ago

By queeragent1

What Advice Would You Give An Aspiring Programmer?

If you were asked to give advice to someone looking to "learn to code," what would it be? I read an article the made me ask myself that question, and my answer is I would tell them to be ready to accept and be willing…

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Broken Windows Updates

Photo by Ivan Vranić… on Unsplash

6 days ago

By Yngve

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