Terms of Use

At Vivaldi Technologies AS (“Vivaldi”), we try to keep things as simple and easy as possible, but since this is a legal document, it’s a bit longer than we would like it to be. It’s important that you read this carefully and understand the Terms of Use.

By scrolling through, you agree to the following terms and conditions. If you don’t agree to the following terms and conditions, you are not allowed to use Vivaldi.net (the “Website”).

We may, if needed, change any part of these Terms of Use without notice, and your continued use of Vivaldi.net will be deemed as acceptance of such changes. You should check the Terms of Use regularly.

What you agree to do:

You agree to not do the following:

If you violate any of the above, your account will be suspended or terminated, and you may be exposed to civil and criminal sanctions.

We do our best to provide the best community environment, however, we cannot be liable for any kind of damage, direct or consequential, resulting from your use of our Website.

We do not guarantee that access to our Website will always be available or uninterrupted.

The Website and all the Website elements are provided on an “as is” basis. This means that we cannot guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of information available.

The information on the Website is not prescreened or censored by Vivaldi, but we may remove any information posted on the Website without notice if we have reason to believe that it violates the Terms of Use. Vivaldi is not responsible for any failure or delay in removing such material.

We are not responsible or liable for content or services provided by any third-parties, which may be used on or linked from the Website.

Please note that if you delete your data, including but not limited to your blog and its entries, photos, and emails, we will not be able to restore it for you.

The content and material you publish on our Website is yours only, and Vivaldi does not claim ownership to any of your uploads. We only use, copy, display, distribute and adapt your content for the purpose of running the Service. By accepting these Terms of Use through your continued use of the Website, you grant Vivaldi an irrevocable license to do so.



These Terms will continue to apply until ended by either you or Vivaldi. You can choose to end them at any time for any reason by deactivating your Vivaldi account and discontinuing your use of the Services.

We may suspend or terminate your access to the Services at any time for any reason, including, but not limited to, if we reasonably believe: (i) you have violated these Terms, (ii) you create risk or possible legal exposure for us; or (iii) our provision of the Services to you is no longer commercially viable. We will make reasonable efforts to notify you by the email address associated with your Vivaldi account or the next time you attempt to access the Services.


Inactive account policy

Vivaldi.net’s inactive account policy

We encourage people to actively log in and use Vivaldi.net when they register an account. To keep your account active, be sure to log in at least every 6 months. Accounts and their contents may be permanently removed due to prolonged inactivity.

How does Vivaldi.net determine inactivity?

Inactivity is based on a combination of participating in community activities (in forum.vivaldi.net or in vivaldi.net blogs), logging in, syncing browser data and using vivaldi.net email. Therefore, unconfirmed or mass-produced accounts without virtual practice in any of these community activities are also subject to permanent removal at any time. Please note that you may not be able to tell whether an account is currently inactive, as not all signs of account activity are publicly visible.

If you have any questions about these Terms of Use, we can be reached at vivaldi.com/contact.