Vivaldi updates (151)

Work continues as we progress to a 1.7 final in the (very) near future but before that happens we wanted to give you a final treat. Today's snapshot includes a history panel. We also include an extra visual clue when a wesbite requests password information over a non encrypted connection.


It's the last day of the month and here we are with another snapshot, focusing on fixing as many regressions as we can, to give you a polished and stable release.

Screenshots often replace the written communication in our lives and built-in screenshot functionality in Vivaldi only makes your browsing easier. We have received some great feedback on this feature and we have added another dimension to it. This time it is in the Notes panel. You could already save screenshots for your records but now you can capture selected areas of the websites and add them to the notes. The ability to capture the selected areas helps you to share information more efficiently.

As we continue to work on a stable release, here are a few highlights that are worth a mention such as deleting typed history in the private data section should now work correctly. There is also a reason for our Mac users to smile as the capture page now works through mac’s native menu. Take a look at the changelog for a full overview of the changes.


Is there anything more annoying than a video or advert in a background tab causing unwanted noise? Our initial tab muting feature helped to identify the tabs causing the problem and mute them but in 1.7 we wanted to make sound control even more powerful.


Another day, another snapshot! Since yesterday's snapshot highlighted fixes include even more polish to our screenshot feature (new quick commands and mappable keyboard shortcuts), some nice improvements to the address field, we resolved a couple of annoying regressions and we completed a major bump of Chromium to 56 (build 2924.59). For the full list of fixes, see the changelog below.

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