As a new week arrives, the first RC for 1.5 arrives with it. And for our Mac users, worry not, Mac is back once again! With today's build we've fixed several regressions, proprietary media support on OpenSUSE, bookmark title dragging, as well as ungrouping of tabs. Our Show Tab Cycler has been updated to respect tab order. The full list of fixes is listed below in the changelog.

Our focus towards 1.5 is fixing any regressions since 1.4, so when reporting issues in the comment section below, please keep that in mind.


Vivaldi is the browser that puts you in control, and as we grow and move towards an increasingly feature-rich product, highlighting and improving features for the developer audience is becoming ever more possible.

It is curious how individuals go about choosing browsers that become the primary environment for browsing. In the case of web developers, designers, user experience and interface engineers, and other web professionals, it’s where we spend the majority of our time doing the work we do. 

To that end, Vivaldi’s Communications team would like to extend an invitation to all web professionals to share what’s working for you in terms of developer workflow, and which features are truly useful to you.

Making Vivaldi Accessible with contrast


Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly search your favourite sites without first having to navigate to their main page? With Vivaldi’s custom search engines you can!


We have fixed a couple of nasty regressions you reported related to the Linux clipboard and have continued to polish bookmarks, notes and tab dragging.

Keep the reports of regressions since 1.4 coming!


We have updated Vivaldi 1.4 for Linux to change the locations we search for the Adobe Pepper (PPAPI) plugin. This ensures Flash works for even more of you.

This update is only for Linux users. You will receive it via the normal update process provided by your distro or if you can't wait, you can download it directly from us.