Friday poll: which operating system do you use?

Dear Vivaldians, we want to hear from you! Yes, you. 😊  

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

If you are on Linux, you may have heard that the Edge browser is now also on Linux. Isn’t it impressive how many browsers are going the Linux way?

Ruarí, one of our devs and a Linux buff, tested Edge on Linux and shares his insight in a blog. If you like Vivaldi on Linux, you can share his blog as well as this article on why Vivaldi is great on Linux.

Last but not least, for those who want to know why Vivaldi isn’t fully open source, here we explain why.

Have a jolly good weekend and stay safe!

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11 replies on “Friday poll: which operating system do you use?”

  1. Linux is not OS
    and Android is Linux based
    and a lot of people use Linux based systems as dev environments but not as a workstation
    so this poll is pretty weird

  2. need iOS version for sync with pc, biggest problem currently, because firefox, chrome have sync on iOS

  3. I compared Vivaldi and MS Edge on my Kubuntu laptop. Vivaldi was a bit better in this test: While MS Edge was a little better in this test They were almost equal in this test: (Vivaldi was 0.2 better in fact).
    However, there was a huge difference in memory usage! While MS Edge used 325 MB, Vivaldi used 272 MB and that is despite the fact that I hadn’t installed any extensions on MS Edge, and I had 10 (ten) extensions installed on Vivaldi as it is my default web browser.

    1. Thanks for sharing these helpful insights and for using Vivaldi. 🙏

  4. I use a combination of laptops one with Win10 2004 (Ugh!) and the other with Linux Peppermint which seems to want me to use FF which I find really slow lately. Vivaldi is much preferred.

    Since trying Edge on Windoze (this version is soooo s l o w) I really have very little interest in trying it on my older Linux laptop. On Windoze it eats ***minimum*** 70% of CPU according to Task Manager and slows my system to a craaaawl. What will it do to a system with much fewer resources at its disposal.

    But since you ask, later today or tomorrow I will evaluate it for you and will report back later.
    I have heard good things about the Edge for Android so it may surprize me but based on what I see on Windows I am sceptical.

    1. Thanks @Greybeard, we look forward to hearing about your feedback. 🙂

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