Community poll: Will you be using Vivaldi’s new Two-Level Tab Stacks?

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The first month of 2021 is coming to an end and it’s time for January’s last Friday poll. This time our question is about the newest feature in Vivaldi – Two-Level Tab Stacks, which we released this week in Vivaldi 3.6.

Let us know, if you’re using Two-Level Tab Stacks and what do you think of the feature.

Have a great weekend! 🌞

Do you use Two-Level Tab Stacks?

  • Yes!! (56%, 48 Votes)
  • No, I don't stack tabs. (19%, 16 Votes)
  • No, I prefer to have all my tabs on the same level. (15%, 13 Votes)
  • Other (tell us more in the comments) (9%, 8 Votes)

Total Voters: 85

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19 replies on “Community poll: Will you be using Vivaldi’s new Two-Level Tab Stacks?”

  1. I’m torn. on the one hand, it bothers me, when the tab bar is switching from big to small and back around but on the other hand, I wanted to test the two-level-stack. I am not yet completely convinced

  2. This seems to me as the most revolutionary feature I’ve seen in the recent years! At the moment it seems to be super cool and vary handy. Hopefully it will stay that way and there won’t be performance issues. Thx. Great idea!

  3. Hard to use tab stacks with <5 tabs open; especially with 1 tab open.

  4. I don’t know. I tried it, but I use vertical tabs, and having the stacks breaking up the space between the page and my regular tabs just discomfited me. I may try again later. But I’d rather have the tabs closer to center than the stacks.

  5. What needs attention now, I think, is the Speed ​​Dial. I’ve been using Vivaldi since it was sold to the Chinese, but one thing I used on Opera and I can’t use on Vivaldi is the Speed ​​Dial. Square dials look very ugly. Any chance to see them wider? Or better yet, along the lines of Safari 5 that it had at the time (maybe it still is), with a depth effect.

  6. On occasion. I have been trying them since their introduction in the Snapshot a versions or two back. Love the concept. Great Idea and implementation as I have had no problems with them.
    As I no longer work I do not have the need for several dozen tabs and two or three Windows open to gather and compile work.
    I do tend to use them when researching various topics for my own interest so I can Bookmark them together but we need the Bookmark pop-up to come up for that to have its greatest functionality. I am sure it ic coming.

  7. Two-Level Tab Stacks are not easy to setup its more for advanced users not for the average Joe. The videos about this feature are not user friendly. This is a great browser however it does lean more toward people with better PC skills.

  8. It’s fine as an option. Handy, even. But, when you stack tabs and it automatically creates and sends it to the second level? Not for me.

  9. Hello
    It’s way easier to interact with the stacked tabs.
    It’s so difficult with the thin “bars”, you have to be super precise to click them. A bit frustrating when you have shitty eyes, and shaking hands !

    So thank you very much for this feature that I hope will stay 😉

  10. I mean, it’s nice and all but I’d much rather see custom search sync personally.
    Or have some features from Opera implemented. I’m still torn about making a complete switch, tried twice already.
    Their sidebar, the look and feel of the browser, and the stuff that happens when you select text for example – it all still feels better and more refined. My point is, try to make it easier for others to switch to your browser by implementing existing features instead of constantly trying to come up with something new and/or unseen.
    People don’t like change to begin with, and if they do make the switch it’s best to not be missing the features they’re already accustomed to. It’s an unpleasant feeling when I can’t do something in Vivaldi that can be done in Opera.

  11. Back in the days, when Tab Stacking got introduced to Opera, I’ve used it regularly, but nowadays, I prefer to just not have too many Tabs open at the same time. Unless I do some heavy research, I usually only have around 5 tabs open (maximum). And for that, it’s just not worth it to use Tab Stacking.

  12. 1) There should be an option to automatically stack tabs from the same web sites without having to use context menu each time. This way, the stacking will appear like a folder and keep the tabs automatically organized by web site.
    2) When using two level tabs, there should be an option to keep both tab levels on the screen at all times. Its annoying to have the tab height resize based on the stacking or no stacking on the tab.
    3) Instead of tab stacking, there should be a minimum size for tabs per row. Meaning if I set to only have 20 tabs per row, as I open more tabs, it would create a new row of tabs. This prevents the tabs from becoming so small that its hard to click. You end up hitting the “X” button to close by accident instead of opening the tab as the tab counts get larger. Its a lot more useful to users than tab stacking.

  13. I honestly would like the two-level stack more if there were a way to use the compact styling with compact styling whild having the second level autohide and show only when the active tab stack is hovered over.

    The reason for autohide in particular is because it would help save some vtertical pixels for people who care about it, or find the second layer useful, but distracting and authhide itto be less distracted, similarly to how people can have a cluttered taskbar / window list but hide it away to keep their display interface clean-looking.

    Also, it would be neat if the browser could use some math to determine — using some CSS variables — to determine the minimum padding necessary for displaying web pages with a floating top bar, expressly so when the second level is shown it doesn’t change how the page is displayed in the viewport. Unless there is a more elegant way of doing that?

  14. Yes! I like the new Tab Stacks. They are much easier to work with than the older version and the context menu for tabs includes very usable commands. Thanks for all the hard work.

  15. yep, been using it since it was available as an experiment. works very well

  16. Just wondering why it’s restricted to two levels when it could just be left to the user how many levels of stacking they want to use. Using the window panel it would be quite easy to manage a deep tree of tab stacks ordered by topic and subtopics 😀

    1. Well, the first row is meant to be the ‘stack switcher’ while the second shows the selected stack’s contents. Therefore, row three, four, five, etc. isn’t needed.

      It’s a way to incorporate something like Opera’s workspaces, but attempt to do something different with the same effect. They’ve succeeded, but in doing so. they’ve ended up with a ‘run around the block to wind up next door’ situation. Something like what you describe — a tree system in the sidebar or whatnot — is FAR simpler, more elegant, and can be named, labeled, etc.

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