Friday Poll – What’s your favorite Android app store?

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In this week’s poll, we’re interested in your favorite Android app stores. Which app stores do you enjoy downloading apps from the most? If your favorite app store isn’t mentioned below, please share it in the comments.

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Thank you for your participation and have a lovely weekend! 🤗

Which is your favorite App Store for your Android phone?

  • Other (please share in the comments) (46%, 34 Votes)
  • Google Play Store (43%, 32 Votes)
  • Huawei (7%, 5 Votes)
  • Uptodown (4%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 74

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28 replies on “Friday Poll – What’s your favorite Android app store?”

  1. F-droid of course, I hope Vivaldi will someday appear there.

  2. F-Droid is the only store I use. I hope Vivaldi one day implement an F-Droid compatible repo, so that I can add it to my F-Droid client and have automatic updates of my one piece of proprietary software.

    I use a custom AOSP-based ROM with no Goggle services or apps included whatsoever. When I’ve had to use a manufacturer’s stock ROM I’ve always just disabled Goggle Prey services, the Prey store, and all that proprietary spyware cruft, and still just used F-Droid.

    I haven’t even heard of the Huawei or Uptodown stores, although it’s not surprising Huawei have had to create their own store, given politically-motivated events over the past couple of years. I’m surprised Aptoide or Amazon aren’t listed as options, as I thought those were the main two non-Goggle app-stores for Android.

    1. Agreed. Vivaldi does not need to go open source to make use of the repo system used by F-Droid.
      It would also allow Vivaldi to have a secure delivery system they are in charge of, for alpha and beta stuff not ready for the major app stores.

  3. I think having Amazon Appstore support would be good, especially since Vivaldi mobile works so well on tablets 🙂

  4. Favorite is one thing, but what’s my most used one? To me it’s the play store, there is no real alternative to it.

    1. True, but they asked for the favorite one. Don’t you think there is a reason for it? If we just accept, that play store has no alternatives, therefore, everybody has to publish there, then it will never change. I think Vivaldi is looking for alternatives now, as recently they published the app in uptodown, and it seems quite likely that this question is related. So, if you put here your favorite one, then you might increase the chance that your favorite store will get one more useful app.

  5. Amazon App Store, Vivaldi & APKPure… because I use an Amazon Fire Tablet.
    I have tried others and they have come short:
    – Do not have the correct file format (I need the …_armeabi-v7a.APK, just Download.APK will not install on the Amazon).

  6. Another vote here for F-Droid.
    When using the google store I do it via the Appbrain frontend so I can get better security and privacy info.

  7. Without a doubt F-Droid, although it is not always possible to obtain necessary apps from there. Many official apps and also Vivaldi itself are only available in the ‘Play’ Store

  8. I usually either download apps from google (i mean search,just write someapp apk),or find in telegram its cracked version

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