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    If I didn't know better I'd kiss every single freekle on your body
    You haven't changed in years, you only became even sexier
    It makes me both happy and teary to see you so gorgeous
    I would like to reach out and touch you but I can only look

    You still have that amazing magnetic charm that I can't resist
    You're not for me only in my sweetest and wildest dreams
    Aww to run my fingers through your hair as I used to
    To feel your hands cupping my face and hear your sweet love words

    If for one minute I could go back in time maybe you'd be mine
    So many things I didn't know, so many things you didn't know
    Would take us apart from each other in only a year
    although our love seemed to be meant to last forever
    I still want you but I know that dream can't come true

    I will always love you and stay as close to you as I can
    But I know you love in another planet which I can not visit myself
    Nothing can make our love story live again but I'm so grateful we can be friends
    Thank you for every little bit of heaven we touched that still remains
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    MLady: Right now the singer Mika is in Montreal to rehearse the concerts he will give with OSM this week. We met him at his place in Milano.
    Host: It was one of the most amazing shootings I ever made, at first we said "vous" (polite "you" for people you don't know)and at the end we said "tu" (you when you're speaking with a friend) as if we had known each other for ever.
    Mika: (in English) Where are we?
    Man: We're in Milan.
    Mika: I know, but where in Milan?
    Man: In a warehouse
    Mika: Oh my God! It's so much bigger than I expected!
    Mika: Hello
    Jean Philippe: Hello I'm Jean-Philippe
    Mika: Nice to meet you
    Jean Philippe: How are you?
    Mika: I'm fine
    Jean Philippe: It's a busy day
    Mika: It's a busy week
    Jean Philippe: Why?
    Mika: Because I don't know where I am, this place is too big, much bigger than I expected, they said I was going to give a show for sixty people, this is more like a room for six hundred people. I love small venues.
    Jean Philippe: Why?
    Mika: I'm not ready at all. They are singing so badly. We have a lot of work to do.
    Mika: Ho is everyone doing? I'm really nervous . I haven't sang , I haven't had time to practise.
    Mika: a little bit less happy.
    Mika: Ready , go, give me the end of Grace Kelly.
    Mika: (rehearsing Boum Boum Boum) I forgot my lyrics. That I can remember
    Mika: what are the chords?
    Jean Philippe: You haven't been on stage for quite a while, right?
    Mika: Not that long. It's been a month, but for me that's a very long time because I usually give at least eight or ten gigs a month.
    Jean Philippe: What is that concert tonight?
    Mika: Swatch
    Jean Philippe: the watches
    Mika: They had called me to ask if they could use my song Underwater for a watch commercial all round the world. After that I called them back and I said, you know all those projects you do with artists and designers, why wouldn' t you start one with a musician? They said yes, so my sister and I created arwork with them.
    Jean Philippe: You designed watches.
    Mika: My sister and I , we've always designed from the start. We designed all my album artwork together in my mother's kitchen.
    Jean Philippe: So tonight the audience will be people who work for Swatch?
    Mika: I don't know. When we made a deal, they said I could be as creative as I wanted for the watch , but they would ask me to do a few gigs and I said yes.
    Jean Philippe: Ok so that was the deal. I think it's time for you to go.
    Mika: Yes, but I don't want to know what will happen in an hour.
    Jean Philippe: I know, but I won't say then.
    Mika: Ok
    Jean Phiippe: Why don't you want to know what will happen during the day beforehand?
    Mika: It depends. What happens in one day is ok, I can understand. (cope) but knowing what will happen during a whole week kind of stresses me.
    Jean Philippe : Your manager told me you had a totally crazy schedule at the moment.
    Mika: Yes, it's a bit crazy.I'm working on a new album which fills up my head quite a bit and takes up lots of time. It's not always positive and I tend to become a monster. So I have this in my head.
    Jean Philippe:Ok, that's first project.
    Mika:Second one is I'm doing The Voice in France and at the same time XFactor in Italy.
    Jean Philippe: That's why you're in Milan at the same time.
    Mika: Yes that's why I'm here three days and a half to shoot Xfactor for seven days ( all in italian)
    Jean Philippe: How do you communicate in the show?
    Mika: I speak Italian now.
    Jean Philippe: You have learned Italian?
    Mika: Yes in two months.
    Jean Philippe: In two months?
    Mika: Yes
    "It's only that in my opinion it's too grandiose, too complicated."
    Jean Philippe: Can I say "tu" to you?
    Mika: Yes, of course.
    Jean Philippe: In Quebec we are more used to say "tu". How did you find yourself in XFactor Italy as you didn't speak Italian?
    Mika: At first I laughed a lot when they asked me, then I told myself: "why not? Let's go! We have to do things to put ourselves in danger. I'm saying this as if I hadn't been afraid. I was terrified by this situation but I had done it on purpose, because I told myself after thirty one tends not to do things that frighten them, so I thought it has to be the contrary and one must do everything to be in danger, so that there's no time to think about what you're doing, you're provoking things , making things happen. I think it is a big similar for love. I you want to find someone, you have to make things happen, not just ask or complain "
    Jean Philippe: But right now, are you in love?
    Mika: We barely know each other.
    Jean Philippe: But it's very intense already.
    Mika: It's intense in this van. No I'm not answering to you.
    Jean Philippe: So now you have to change your clothes.
    Mika: Yes I'm hungry.
    Jean Philippe: You're hungry?
    Mika: Yes, I'm always hungry.
    Jean Philippe: New look?
    Mika: Yes , new look. The chords of my songs. So I don't forget them.
    Jean Philippe: Now we're at a new Swatch shop
    Mika: Yes
    Jean Philippe: So you're going to inaugurate it.
    Mika: Yes, but I don't think there will be many people because we didn't spread the news.
    We get there , we do it and we leave. Well there are people!
    Jean Philippe: Oui, pourtant you said there would be no one.
    Mika: Yes I thought so.
    Mika: Thank you so much. Hello! Hello!
    Mika: Since there are fans outside , Carlo and I we have decided to make tickets for the shpw tonight and we will hand them out outside.
    Mika: Good bye!
    Mika: Ah! It's ringing!
    Jean Philippe: Have you already googled your name?
    Mika: Are you crazy? It would be absolute torture!
    Jean Philippe: All artists do that!
    Mika: No! Never! Never!Never!
    Jean Philippe: I did it.
    Mika: After everything I told you, you will tell me about it. What did you find?
    The yodlers are singing. This is the strangest first part of all my carrer. My lyrics are also in my phone. Have fun! Watch me and help me with chords please. I mean if I go help me.
    Have fun!
    Thanks a million.
    Mika: What if the floor, the entire thing was covered with foam and paper? And you' d have to leave your shoes at the door.
    Mika's appartment in Milan with Carlo Giordanetti, Creative director of Swatch
    Carlo: No, that they will not do.

    Mika: It's really cool! I'm happy.
    Carlo: Very good!
    Jean Philippe: Bonjour, Jean Philippe.
    Yasmine: Nice to meet you, Jasmine.
    Jean Philippe: Carlo? (something I don't understand)
    Mika: Je ne savais pas ce qu'il allait dire aujourd'hui. C'est le directeur de Swatch. We were given the opportunity to make a concert at Venice bienale next year in 2015.
    Jean Philippe : coming soon
    Yasmine: 2013
    Mika's talking and I'm m silent and what are we going to have to do? When?
    Mika: I can't even get my afternoon right. And we're talking about May.
    Jean Philippe: Yasmine is it sometimes difficult to follow your brother dans ces idées?
    Yasmine: No, not at all. Sometimes it's difficult to do things on time, that's for sure.
    Jean Philippe: Are those your shoes?
    Mika: Yes.
    Jean Philippe: Is that true that you have a sort of shoe fetish?
    Mika: No! No!
    Jean Philippe: But you can read this everywhere on internet.
    Mika: No! I only have many shoes. My feet hurt a lot for many years and my sister Paloma got in touch with Christian Louboutin and she asked him if he would be interested in meeting me and making shoes for him because his feet hurt when he dances since there are no dancing shoes for men? And he said: why not? So seven years ago we met and we designed a first pair of basket shoes. And now there are many rappers and pop singers who wear those shoes now and when I see them I wonder if they know those shoes were designed to dance, as a matter of fact there is glue at the toes level to be able to step on toes. (pointes)
    Jean Philippe: Does your sister follow you everywhere? Paris , Milan?
    Mika: No, she lives in New York. She came for thanksgiving.
    Jean Philippe: So the turkey is in the oven?
    Mika: Let me tell you something. We tried to find a turkey. My mother doesn't speak Italian , so she tried to translate. Intead of ordering a ten kilos turkey, she ordered a ten kilos peacock. They didn't even say no. They said, oh, we'll try. Let's stop talking about ten kilos turkeys because I'm getting hungry.
    Mika: Hi.
    Man in the restaurant: Hi Mika
    This looks like Louis fourteeth table! Super! What did I eat last time? Chili?
    Jean Philippe: Do you often eat here when you're here in Milan?
    Mika: It depends. Sometimes the days are very intense. I barely have time to have habits.
    Jean Philippe: Time is a luxury.
    Mika: Yes
    Jean Philippe: Is there a town where you have time to create habits?
    Mika: London, that's London.
    Jean Philippe:Because this is where you live.
    Mika:Yes .
    This part is shown twice in the video (it was a teaser the first time probably)
    Jean Philippe: Have you already googled your name?
    Mika: Are you crazy? It would be absolute torture!
    Jean Philippe: All artists do that!
    Mika: No! Never! Never!Never!
    Jean Philippe: I did it.
    Mika: After everything I told you, you will tell me about it. What did you find?
    Jean Philippe: The first things you find on google are "Why does Mika hide his boyfriend?" "A paparazi followed Mika ", those are the top stories.
    Mika: Yes , paparazi follow me everywhere. And they are very discreet. Very dangerous.
    Jean Philippe: Are they that discreet? Or can you see them hiding say in a group of small trees?
    Mika: No, no. Seriously, you can not see them at all. That is frightening.
    Jean Philippe: Why don't you show, why don't you introduce your boyfriend instead of keeping him hidden?
    Mika: I'm not hiding anything, but that's not interesting for him. He doesn't want to be shown. Even though my life is public, the life of people around me is still private, even mmore because they feel like they don't want to lose their privacy.
    Jean Philippe: Have you ever met someone who didn't want to be with you just because you're a public person?
    Mika: Yes, absolutely. And when I heard that my reaction was, fine, I'm going for it. Even more as someone said no to me.
    Jean Philippe: Exactly.
    Mika: That doesn't mean it ends well, but...
    Jean Philippe: If you hadn't been successful as a singer where would you be now?
    Mika: In jail. My mother often says that to me. When I was young she used to look at me and cry and she said people like you can only be doing something good on stage or end up in jail.
    Jean Philippe: Were you a bad boy?
    Mika: No, but I was unpredictable and I could easily take a wrong path and I think she could see that.
    Jean Philippe: Did she have a psychotherapist follow you? Or other specialists?
    Mika: No, she made me meet a russian music teacher, that's worse than a psychotherapist. If I didn't practise music she didn't scold me, it was much harder!
    Jean Philippe: Ah
    Mika: I'm telling you the truth.
    Jean Philippe: However your mother is extraordinary since she knew how to see your potential and put all that energy into it.
    Mika: The first time I entered a theater, they had kicked me out of school, I had nothing to do. I get into this theater and I have a job, and they pay me. At school I'm s*** , I'm nothing.
    That's how I feel and at the same time in my other universe I get in the opera or in a theater and I sing and I have a responsability, there are adults who treat me with respect and pay me to be there and of course it was hard and I had pressure on me but it totally changed my perspective. Once I was back in school I could fight adversity , I could be tough because I knew I had something else . So I could save myself ,it protected me in a way. You have to stay strong or else you fall. My sister Paloma had a very serious accident and I witnessed what happened, I was there , I saw death with my own eyes, she was almost dead.
    Jean Philippe: What happened?
    Mika: She fell. She had a terrible accident. She fell from the fourth floor of a building. When you are barefeet in the street at four in the morning and you see that in front of you, that you see your sister in such a situation, you tell yourself "what do I do?, do I sit in front of my piano and torture myself? " I told myself I couldn't stay there , I was too negative to help her, I would have hurt hurt if I had stayed, I have to do what I need to do and I left for Montreal and I escapped. It made me want to create something.
    Jean Philippe: And what song did you write after that?
    Mika: That was Underwater.
    Jean Philippe: Now you're an uncle?
    Mika: Yes
    Jean Philippe: So in spite of her accident she could have a child.
    Mika: Yes. First they told her "part of your body is going to be paralysed" t she fought so she wasn't . Then they said " You will never walk again" and she walks again, not as well as before, but without any help, then they said "having babies will be tough", so she wasn't very careful and now she has a baby!
    Jean Philippe: Surprise!
    Mika: Surprise!
    Mika (to the waiter): Thank you .
    Jean Philippe: What's next now Mika?
    Mika: I have to film for XFactor for tomorrow night's rehearsals and I have the over category.
    Jean Philippe: Over what?
    Mika: Over twenty five
    Jean Philippe: Oh
    Mika: Yes , exactly we are worse than over twenty five, we are obsolete.
    Jean Philippe: We are obsolete.
    Mika: Let's go! It's hard but I know they can do it. They are mature and in control so they can do it.
    Mika: Give me everything.
    Lady: Vitamin. One.
    Jean Philippe: Do you need vitamins Mika?
    Mika: Yes. And papaya.
    Jean Philippe: Why?
    Mika: I have no idea, but I take it. Give me all you've got. This is Moo.
    Jean Philippe: Moo Moo?
    Mika: Melachi
    Jean Philippe: Do you always take her in studios like this?
    Mika: Yes. She is very quiet. She is used to it.
    Jean Philippe: And what are you going to do here today on XFactor set?
    Mika: Today we are doing the rehearsals for tomorrow's show. I need to coach a pupil and watch the rehearsal before the live show tomorrow.
    Jean Philippe: What sort of judge are you?
    Tatiana, XFactor producer: Excellent, extraordinary, human, extremely professional, complete.
    Mika: Waoh! Your voice is so loud I even hear you when I'm shuting my ears and humming.
    Tatiana: And boring!
    Jean Philippe: I saw that you share a lot of selfies on your facebook, especially wearing suits.
    Mika: All those suits were made for X Factor Italy and The Voice France by Valentino; each suit is a totally different model designed by Valentino to be worn just once ; they make them in their workshop in Rome.
    Mika: I'm not pleased with that. You must sing more steadily to stay in the right tone.
    Jean Philippe: I was behind the table, I'm sure I couldn't miss the young girl.
    Mika: She's lovely. She's hard to command. Because she is an artist.
    When you tell her to do something, she must agree and she's totally right. I totally respect how much she trusts herself.
    Jean Philippe: Do you ask a lot from the candidates?
    Mika: Yes, I can be tough because they are mature and they can do it. They are mature enough to take advantage of that and if one becomes all soft like care bears one becomes mediocre.
    Mika: Good bye. Where are they going? Well then let's go.
    Jean Philippe: Mika , bye bye see you in London
    Mika: See you in London

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    good night all
    ah ah say something here
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    I think my heart will stop beating
    There's a point of no return
    It got over many bitter things
    Much more than it was its turn.

    Its beats are getting out of life
    It's too tired to win the fight
    Too many times disappointed
    It became totally disjointed

    It is beating much too fast
    And its anarchy won't last
    It will stop all the sudden
    Enough pain it'll be the end
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    Do your kisses dry tears?
    I have so many
    Falling from me
    Help me please

    My heart is weary
    My eyes are itchy
    Someone pity me
    Put an end to my misery

    I feel like I've lived a thousand years
    Give me sweet and soft kisses
    Come and dry off my tears
    Like butterflies on my eyelids

    One thousand kisses
    On me from you
    And I will be brand new
    Ready to fullfil our wishes
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    Words can kill
    So does silence
    Love can spill
    I don't need your guidance

    Don't try to understand me
    My mind is in an asylum
    Lost in an island
    Far away on the sea

    Just let me be
    I just need to be free
    Taking off to the beaches of Eden
    Where happiness never ends

    All I need is a little loving
    To swim as a dolfin
    A little tender cuddling
    But not to tight so I keep breathing

    All I need is a hand to hold
    An old sweater so I'm not cold
    Or even better never ending sunlight
    And a sweet and fierce knight
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    My book of love poems in now a kindle
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    Sundays should be happy
    Sundays should be lazy
    Sundays should be sunny
    Sundays should be sleepy

    Sundays should be sunny
    Sundays should be crazy
    Sundays should be easy
    Sundays should be beachy

    Sundays should be eerie
    Sundays should be haphazardly
    Sundays should be naughty
    Sundays should be sugary

    But it's Monday already.....
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