As the week ends, we are getting closer to another stable release 1.4. Our focus towards 1.4 is fixing regressions, so when reporting issues below, please focus on any regressions since the previous stable 1.3. With this snapshot we also added two new features for your themes and closed tabs.


In today's snapshot we use a new version of our logo to help show the difference between snapshots and stable builds, added new options for web panels and per tab zoom as been set as the new default.


Today's snapshot is a test version of a small update for our 1.3 stable, to address some serious bugs that you have been reporting. If no (new) regressions are found we will rebuild it for the stable update channel and pass it on to our stable users shortly.

Note: This build is version 1.3.551.37, the stable update will be 1.3.551.38. They are effectively the same build but pull updates from different channels (snapshot and stable respectively).


The latest version of Vivaldi escalated customizations to another level. The new theme engine in 1.3 certainly gives you another reason to say "I browse the way I want to"


You can now customize Vivaldi browser more than ever before. In the third episode of our Browsercast series, designer Henrik and QA engineer Ruarí talk about how they made the new theming engine for Vivaldi 1.3.

They discuss the technology and frameworks that were used and the overall design philosophy behind it.

 Ruarí Ødegaard & Henrik Helmer discussing about the making of Vivaldi themes