Vivaldi updates (151)

In today's snapshot we finally resolved a long-standing issue with thumbnails for tabs opened in the background, have a couple of improvements to HiPDI for our Windows fans and fixed several important regressions.


For today's snapshot we introduce a new type of in tab notification that works especially well with pinned tabs on messaging and social media websites and provide a new way to jump to a parent directory on a website. In addition, we fix a number of important bugs as we start to stabilize Vivaldi 1.6.


Yesterday we released a minor upgrade to Vivaldi 1.5 to fix a few, small but important issues found in the stable release. It was also the first time we tested our new delta update system on Windows.

A normal upgrade of Vivaldi for Windows using our default packages would have resulted in a 38.5Mb download, however the delta upgrade is less than 1% of that size (323Kb). So small in fact that it would have fit on a floppy disk!


For today’s snapshot we give you the option to name tab stacks, we’ve made improvements to our reader mode, added a fix for the long-standing issue with the mouse cursor displaying in full-screen videos and we fixed a bunch of regressions! We also did a major update of Chromium to 55.0.2883.64.


This week has been a very successful one for us, with the release of the 1.5 final but we have not let up. Today we have 20+ new fixes for you and a very interesting new feature related to tab management. We also did some work on our startup procedure and would love to hear feedback on if you notice any difference.

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