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Gaëlle Logeay

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Vivaldi Browser: Tony says

We’re often asked if we accept donations to support the development of Vivaldi. We really appreciate your generous offers to support us financially; however, at this stage what we would appreciate even more is some help promoting Vivaldi.


As the week ends, we are getting closer to another stable release 1.4. Our focus towards 1.4 is fixing regressions, so when reporting issues below, please focus on any regressions since the previous stable 1.3. With this snapshot we also added two new features for your themes and closed tabs.


We continue our look into how Vivaldi is being used by people in various parts of the world. We like to share user profiles at Vivaldi, not only because we are interested in everyone’s success, but also because we ourselves learn a lot about how folks interact with Vivaldi, and how we can make it better based on the advice of our friends. 

In this interview, we talk with Tiago, who joins us from Brazil. We’ll let Tiago tell you his story in his own words here, and look forward to hearing from you about your experiences with Vivaldi too.

You can find Tiago on under ozoratsubasa, he’s happy to help you answering questions you may have in Spanish or English on mostly about Vivaldi Browser on Windows.


We're starting off something new, and that's our Vivaldi Browsercast!

This is the first of what will be many interviews with developers across the World Wide Web and how their experiences have helped to shape a user-centric model of browser development.


With the whole team gathered in Magnolia for our “Summer Camp”, you might be thinking that it’s all fun and games. Actually, we’ve been quite busy preparing this latest snapshot. Among many fixes and improvements, we have three main features for you to enjoy: color picker for themes and new setting for tabs closing behaviour (and helpful animation to tab thumbnails too).


We're adding a new category to our blog and sharing stories from members of Vivaldi's community. Today we're publishing the story from Bruce (also known as ayespy in Vivaldi's Forum and in the comments), who has helped many of us. Please fill out the following 4 questions if you want to share your story with Vivaldi. Here we go with the first one...


Today's snapshot has a fix for problems with keyboard shortcuts, introduced in the previous snapshot. This is release candidate 2 for Vivaldi 1.1. Let us know if you see any major issues.

As mentioned with RC1, even if no further major issues are found, Vivaldi will be rebuilt for the stable update stream before it is released.

Have a great weekend!