Today's snapshot includes a number of key fixes as we stabilize and close in on a 1.2 final release, including some work on touch support. In addition, we made a small tweak to the Downloads panel so that you get a clearer estimation of how quickly things are progressing.


Hi All, we had a short week here in Europe due to various holidays, including Norway's national day on the 17th of May but we wanted to get a snapshot out to you nonetheless. So Hurrah for Norway and Hurrah for a new snapshot!


Last week was a busy one. I've been honored to meet so many Vivaldi users in London, Paris, Brussels and Oslo. Thanks for all the great discussions.


In today's snapshot we: added some more default shortcuts (all tweakable of course!); fixed tab opening to better follow the selected setting (and renamed the settings to be clearer); fixed a bunch of minor issues in the address field; fixed a number of small (but annoying) regressions; updated Chromium to 51.

In other news, we also pushed out an update to our stable stream for Vivaldi 1.1 users earlier today. Just a few updates to keep you all secure. If you did not catch it in the update message, the changelog for 1.1.453.59 is here.

Enjoy the weekend!


I tend to travel a lot for work. I've always found it valuable to meet people in person. I find it builds far better relationships than you can with emails, phone calls or video conferences.

And it's important to hear from you directly to make sure we're on the right path. I see the community as an extension of our team. We're building this together, after all.