As requested by many of you, we have enabled Chromecast support directly within the browser and fixed a range of other, smaller issues.

Enjoy your weekend and expect more from us next week!


There’s no doubt that automating frequently used browsing tasks makes things more efficient and faster. Previously, we’ve mentioned the advantages of being a keyboard shortcuts pro - this time, let’s look at mouse gestures.


We have focused on improvements to our new 1.5 features in today's snapshot, meaning further enhancements to reader view and drag tabs between windows. We also fixed two of the most serious regressions from the last snapshot (focus issues and text blurriness), improved both the Windows installer and URL field and cleaned up some UI elements.


Vivaldi Browser: Tony says

We’re often asked if we accept donations to support the development of Vivaldi. We really appreciate your generous offers to support us financially; however, at this stage what we would appreciate even more is some help promoting Vivaldi.


The following is an update to our browser engine (Chromium). Such updates can cause new bugs and regressions in behaviour. Please compare it against the last snapshot and let us know if you see any new issues.