Vivaldi updates (148)

Another day, another snapshot! Since yesterday's snapshot highlighted fixes include even more polish to our screenshot feature (new quick commands and mappable keyboard shortcuts), some nice improvements to the address field, we resolved a couple of annoying regressions and we completed a major bump of Chromium to 56 (build 2924.59). For the full list of fixes, see the changelog below.


Further work on screenshotting for today's snapshot, including the frequently requested "copy to clipboard". Work continues on this, so expect more of your suggestions in future snapshots!


To kick off the New Year we have a new snapshot, with a new option for those of you who are extensions fans but enjoy a clean browser interface. We also fixed a few regressions and started to incorporate some of your feedback for our screenshot feature.


One last snapshot update before the holidays. It has the Linux HTML5 proprietary media fix from today's minor 1.6 update and an attempted fix for a particularly annoying issue affecting our Japanese users.

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