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It's FOSS: Основы онлайн-приватности для чайников

Большинство гайдов по защите конфиденциальных данных начинаются с рекомендации пересесть на открытую операционную систему на базе Linux. А с чего начинаются аналогичные гайды от…

By Alex Semёnov

Why I Switched to Obsidian and How You Can Too Part -1

What is Obsidian? Why I use it ? When  exploring Wikipedia ,you start with one article and then follow the links to other related topics. Each article has outgoing and incoming links that create a web of knowledge. Now…

By drdextrose

Tip #283

Discover all the different ways you can open Private Tabs in Vivaldi on Android. Private Tabs are a good option when you want to use the same service with two different accounts, hide your browsing activity from…

By Vivaldi Tips

Age Verification and Adult Websites

The issue of age verification for accessing adult content on websites has been a topic of debate for some time now. Recently, the state of Utah passed a law requiring that anyone visiting an adult website in Utah be…

By gt500


Johnaten Draken Brown született 1996. 10. 14. Jelenleg egyszerű blogger és laikus(nem professzionális)filozófus akinek az az álma, hogy megalapítsa Filozófia & Tábor hivatalos székhelyét illetve klub…

By Johnaten Draken Brown

Bird Cottage

Photo: 'Bird Cottage' A small house in the country, for birds. We have much to learn from birds of nature about solitude - Copyright 2013 Frank J Casella.…

By fjcasella

My Personal

Buonasera, è la presentazione del Mio blog (personale).

By montry12


主题:女性应当如何面对黄谣和网络暴力? 提示:假设你是一个被造谣、造黄谣、网暴并产生心理障碍、处于舆论漩涡中心的女性,你希望可以在保护自己的同时对网络上对你的攻击进行反抗,你应当怎么做才能在网络上进行防御和反攻?…

By AntaresShao

The Thing About Email Domains

Photo: 'Friends Walking the Wetlands Trail' - Color Photo Copyright 2018 Frank J Casella…

By fjcasella

Larksome Antique Kliks Limbo

I hate being something I have been many nights - tired and depressive. I know she is in bed and I know I should go up there myself but got a little string going. Nothing amazing - just the usual. Her.…

By pissedoffdad

The Blogging Newsletters Problem

Photo: 'Making memories in the neighborhood' - Chalk on the sidewalk photo Copyright 2018 Frank J Casella - It's good to see in this day and age how kids in a neighborhood bond, and without the use of digital…

By fjcasella

Tip #202

Filter and delete a selection of cookies in Privacy and Security settings. You can always delete all saved cookies from Vivaldi menu > Tools > Delete Browsing Data. But that will log you out of your accounts,…

By Vivaldi Tips