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Fitbit Versa2 の文字盤をいろいろ探していて、今はこれに落ち着いています。 シンプルな構成で見やすく、色カスタマイズの自由度が高いので自分好みに設定できます。ちなみに現在の色設定モチーフは「ドラえもん」です。…

By yukikoya

A Nifty Step Stool

Our old 3 step stool worked so well when we washed the RV a few weeks ago that I thought about taking it along on our next trip. However we decided it was too bulky and we really needed something that would take up less…

By robrose

Do you ever just get damn tired?

Hello y'all hope all are doing well. I'm having a hard time getting my stuff together my blog somehow isn't working like it was before I got locked out of my account. I'm still not at all clear on that one. I'm very…

By Babette

Welcome to my tech blog!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Carl Johnson. I am a computer technician, DJ, and avid gamer. This blog will consist of many different tweak guides, setup guides and other guides for Windows, Linux, MacOS, and PC Games.…

By carljohnson

Tea Time

My wife is a life long coffee drinker, while I prefer a wide variety of loose leaf teas. My usual method of brewing those delectable young leaves and leaf buds of Camellia sinensis is to weigh the tea out and steep…

By robrose


自分が持っているものについて、幾つか書いていこうと思う。今回は自分が自宅用で使用しているタブレットについて。今回は一部機能についてOPPO A73(購入価格2万円)を比較対象とする。  …

By qooga



By qooga

Today's technology is so advanced, it's utterly boring

You could say that I'm a "gadget guy."  I really enjoy electronic gadgets, at least electronic gadgets before the days of the all-in-one "smart" devices.  Today's consumer devices may be the most technically advanced…

By dbouley

Digitising Videos from an Old Camcorder

My family recently found an old "digital" camcorder, and we wanted to get the old videos (as far back as 2001!) off, to be able to view them from phones and share with other family members. Trouble is, despite the…

By lonm

The Online Meeting Axiom

Photo: 'Searching for Dawn' Copyright 2016 Frank J Casella - …The morning sun peeks through the trees behind a fence.

By fjcasella


アイリスオーヤマが税抜4万9800円、税込5万4780円のPCを発売した。良くも悪くも注目度が高い機種で、すぐに完売したショップもあったようだ。  …

By qooga


最近、万年筆を使っていて、使い心地の良さをひしひしと感じている。私のような筆圧強めで書いてしまうタイプにとって、滑らかさと適度な硬さ感を両立した書き心地は正直カルチャーショックを受ける程のモノだった。  …

By qooga