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Zucchini Picking Time

We pick them when the small. Just the perfect size to slice into rounds, dip in egg and flour then fry up in a skillet.…

By robrose

Good Food

The image says it all.

By robrose

Blue Cheese Dip

Out with the Krap, in with the homemade. She found a recipe online that she felt would make a good starting point for the first attempt that had some non-standard ingredients, i.e., more natural without loads and loads…

By robrose

Smoked Jalapeno Salmon Burgers

The MAK One-Star General doing its thing. I find it interesting that since we discovered these Jalapeno salmon burgers beef burgers which we very seldom had have become a thing past though we still have the occasional…

By robrose

Flavored Gin

Ms G&T, so named for the two G&T's she enjoys every night, bought these two flavored gins during our last foray to the liquor store. After consuming a number of G&T's made from each the verdict is in.…

By robrose

We Do Eat Good

Smoked pork loin with BBQ sauce, quinoa topped with charro beans and steamed broccoli with agave syrup. Life is good.…

By robrose

Coffee Grinder Cleaning

Linda likes her coffee to be the kind that puts hair on a man's chest with the result being the roasted beans tend to be very oily. Making her coffee in the morning and cleaning the grinder are my jobs. I don't…

By robrose

Baked Sweet Potato With Toppings

Neither one of us is a fan of baked potatoes, the white potato kind that is. While we prefer sweet potato fries but will still eat regular french fries on occasion, the only baked potatoes we eat are sweet potatoes. …

By robrose

Smoked Pork Loin - Part 2

In the smoker and ready to go. We put the temperature probes into the thickest part of the meat.…

By robrose

Smoked Pork Loin - Part 1

Our smoker is a Mak One-Star General which is just the right size for the items we like to smoke. The fuel is hardwood wood pellets produced especially for smoking foods. While pellets can come from different varieties…

By robrose

Pyrizhky (small pies with filling): step by step recipe

Okay, as I promised, here is the recipe for the pyrizhky. There are 3 stages of making the pyrizhky: dough, filling and making of pyrizhky. Since pyrizhky are small pies, so I'll call them just pies :)…

By Kurai

Flatbread Cornbread

She said she added everything exactly as she always does. Whatever happened it didn't affect the taste as it was as good as always. Somedays are like that.…

By robrose