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Home Winery

On the bottom is where the wine making equipment is kept. Shelf 1 has wine that is aging in bottles. The top shelf is where empty wine bottles and bag in box containers are stored. As you can see I use recycled bottles…

By robrose

Wine Making

Had two batches of wine aging in the secondary while we traveled this summer. Running six gallons of Shiraz through the filter prior to bottling.…

By robrose


We buy uncooked flour tortillas and cook them ourselves. It is very easy and they taste so much better the already cooked ones they sell in the stores. The exception is when we can buy them fresh cooked at a…

By robrose


Our convection oven in Sophie may be small, but sizing a pizza to fit two of them on that small oven rack add adding a salad makes for a excellent meal. It is one of the reasons we were able to downsize from a 38 foot…

By robrose

美味しい:ノンアルコールビール クラウスターラー

ちょっと足を伸ばした場所にある酒屋さんでたまたま見つけて買ってみました。 飲んだ感じはかなりビールっぽい特有の苦味もありつつ、飲んだ後はさっぱりする感じで非常に飲みやすいと思いました。…

By yukikoya

An Awesome Canadian Dessert

While recently visiting some dear Canadian friends we were treated more than once to one of the most awesome desserts we have ever had, genuine full cream Canadian real vanilla ice cream and Nanaimo Bars. Don't know…

By robrose

Eggs With Steam

If you gaze at this long enough it just might make you hungry, you might even think that you smell the aroma. Photo: Eggs with Steam - Fried eggs hot off the griddle illuminated by the morning sunlight - Copyright 2014…

By fjcasella


外で昼食を食べるとき、おかずはコンビニサラダとかを買いますが、主食のご飯は家で炊いて持参しています。このご飯持ち運びはサーモスの保温ごはんコンテナーを利用しています。これを使うと、朝ホカホカご飯を詰めても昼まで冷めないです。(さすがにホカホカのままとは言えず、かろうじて温いくらいですが、、、) 私の場合は糖質管理のために雑穀米を詰めていますが、毎日美味しく食べられています。…

By yukikoya

A Product For Every Need

Many a parent has likely faced this at one time or another, a child who won't eat bread with the crust on. Into the consumer society where both parents work and there is little time do all that needs to be done, comes…

By robrose


新京極商店街の「麺房 道場 田ごと…」でお昼ご飯を食べました。今日のおすすめメニューだった冷やしきつねうどんとかやくご飯セットを注文しました。きつねうどんの揚げが一枚ものじゃなくて短冊切りだったが印象的です。味はうどんもご飯もあっさり上品な感じで最後まで美味しくいただけました。

By yukikoya

Pig Pen BBQ

An awesome BBQ joint in Dripping Springs, Texas From the outside it sure doesn't look like much, and it wasn't all that easy to find the door. Our experience is that those BBQ places that have spiffy new buildings are…

By robrose

Fitzhugh Brewery

A change of pace today. The weather has been Texas summer hot, with today being no exception. My wife is not much of a beer drinker, but she likes to say she really enjoys a cold strong dark beer on a really hot day.…

By robrose