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Zazzle Custom T-Shirts Review

My experience designing custom t-shirts on Zazzle….

By rdreammaker

Firefox 89

И снова о дизайне Firefox. Новые табы ужасы. И если чекбоксы стали получше, в том смысле, что они по крайней мере могут быть увеличены, не превратившись в пикселизированный ужас, кнопки по дефолту стали ещё страшнее,…

By tenno-seremel

Jiao Tang

How can you convince the average internet user – like me – to use Vivaldi?  This is the question that has stuck with me since the beginning, and I’ve worked hard to educate and inform people about the browser.  I…

By Kuo

Printing Services Bacong, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Local to Bacong, Negros Oriental, Philippines, is our small print shop covering stickers, document printing or scanning, duplications, print & logo design, cards, and various other party materials. Printing…

By petersontech

Tips on How to Launch Your SaaS Product

In recent years, SaaS (Software as a Service) products have taken over the market and recent researches confirm that these applications are now meant to determine the future direction of the software industry. However,…

By aboutsaas

Great SaaS Website Design Trends To Follow

With the SaaS business model, companies no longer have to install and lаunch their software on their mаchines or data centers. This reduces the cost of purchаsing hаrdware, аs well as ownership аnd support, software…

By aboutsaas

Great design, poor print

I used Tinkercad to make my latest Retro-design rocketship. The forward-swept wings, the thick fin-root nacelles, the pointy nose and the long cockpit canopy are reminiscent of the American space race design phase…


Back when Radios looked like Robots

The Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., commonly know as Toshiba, made a lot of consumer electronics since it's beginnings in 1939. One thing that the Japanese knew was design. They incorporated the design cues trending at the…


M4 - One ugly Star Trek robot

In the 1969 episode "Requiem for Methuselah", the crew of the Enterprise is struck with Rigellian fever, for which the only treatment is the mineral Ryetalyn. Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy beam down to the planet Holberg…


I Make a Case for Writing My Blog on Vivaldi

I just read a book by Glenn Reynolds, "The Social Media Upheaveal". He says that we are deep reading less, and learning from headlines more. He also says that many of us share on social media articles that we have not…

By fjcasella

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton…

By Johnaten Draken Brown