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Why do web pages not stop loading?

You click on a link and it opens up a new tab. So it starts loading, and the screen stays white while it drinks the 60MB of CSS. And then it gets done with that, and you start seeing content poof into being. Except, it…

By terepashi

Стоп-кадр. Vivaldi на конференції Google I/O

Під час конференції Google I/O… організатор заходу анонсував, що браузер Vivaldi незабаром буде доступний на 200 мільйонах автомобілів з бортовими розважальними системами на базі Android Automotive.

By Kurai

Стоп-кадр. Vivaldi на конференции Google I/O

Во время проведения конференции Google I/O… организатор мероприятия заявил, что браузер Vivaldi скоро будет доступен на 200 миллионах автомобилей с бортовыми развлекательными системами на базе Android Automotive.

By Kurai

vivaldi merchandise

Vivaldi narchandise open now…

By trendingsmiles

My love for Vivaldi Browser

I've been using Vivaldi web browser since I came across it late 2016. I was skeptical at first since I was a long time Firefox user. However once I got started, Vivaldi won me over. It was safe, secure, compatible with…

By tetsuosumo

Welcome to my blog

Come Follow Me In the computer world, I have started to revisit Vivaldi browser and an email client Onmail, I wanted to get away from Google and all its tentacles. Is it possible?…

By chai23

Jamiee Fox Suffered!

Daughter reported suffering among the JF WHO cannot confirm whether or not JF actually suffered anything other than a rampid lack of working on anything useful for the past 15 or 20 years!!…

By ninetiesearly

Delete the App, Use the Browser

Photo: 'Purple Flowers by the Trail' - Color Photograph Copyright 2020 Frank J Casella.…

By fjcasella

Érvelés: hogyan írjunk meggyőző blogbejegyzést?

Érvelés: hogyan írjunk meggyőző blogbejegyzést? A blogírás egyik legfontosabb célja, hogy meggyőzzük az olvasókat valamiről: egy termékről, egy szolgáltatásról, egy véleményről vagy egy cselekvésről. De hogyan érhetjük…

By Johnaten Draken Brown

Six months in.....and how is it?

I started using Vivaldi back in September last year, nearly 7 months ago now. I chronicled my journey to the browser, its set up challenges and my early user experiences in some posts on this Community blog, and was…

By travellinbob

Hello to you :)

Welcome to your new Blog! We're really excited to see what you do with it. This private post is here to show you what your posts will look like and to give you a few tips on getting started. Feel free to edit it, delete…

By Johnaten Draken Brown